A tour with my girlfriend to Simalem and Hillpark day two – most beautiful place on earth

Wanna play roller coaster or watch 4 dimension movies at hillpark?

On the second day of my tour with girlfriend, I have so much fun at hillpark. Just unforgettable experience when I play roller coaster, watch four dimension movie at 4d theater and tons of other games. Even I didn’t take so many photos [...]

A tour with my girlfriend to Simalem and Hillpark day one – most beautiful place on earth

Most beautiful place that I ever visited – Simalem and Hillpark

Three days ago I took a tour with my girlfriend to the most beautiful place at north Sumatra – Indonesia and maybe the most beautiful place on earth. Spent two unforgettable nights there, took dozen of nice pictures, ate lot of new foods, [...]

How to optimize your sidebar – increase your blog quality instantly part one

How powerful your sidebar is? Learn how to optimize your blog sidebar

This post title is powerful, isn’t it? Yeah just like what I will try to tell you soon “how to optimize your sidebar”.  Your blog have at least a sidebar, right? Have you ever thought about how to optimize it or you [...]

Win $100 dollar just by leave your comment on the blog – Money contest

Win your dollar as simple as leave comment – techzoomin money contest

One of my buddies, the owner of Techzoomin starts a new money contest on his blog. you may call comment for money contest because all you need to do is leave comment to win money from techzoomin ( please tell me what [...]

Complete video about how to make money with clickbank – clickbank for beginner

Three complete video to learn how to make money with clickbank

For clickbank beginner or starter, I just got a nice and complete video for you. Here you can see three video about how to deal with clickbank, start from choosing product tips, play with hoplink and put the hoplink on your blog (BlogSpot user). [...]

What auto blog blogger has missed – be the true blogger

For blogger that using auto blog software – this is what you have miss out?

I bet you heard about auto blog or a plugin call wp-o-matic before. I just wonder what people think about this plugin, is this plugin great? Useful or garbage? I believe my entire buddy knows what is real blog [...]