The whole new world from Google chrome OS

The brand new operating system came from Google – Goggle chrome OS

Well, a new history has created on October. A new OS call Google Chrome Os has launched by Google itself. I know you must think that it’s too late if I review Google chrome os but I think this new OS must [...]

Learn more about your traffic source and how to improve it – part one

Where is your traffic come from and how about the quality?

Traffic, traffic and traffic, again this is the most phenomenal stuff for all blogger. Every single blogger from new blogger to expert need traffic. Some of people say that traffic the hardest thing to deal with, what do you think? Honestly I have [...]

Earningstep say good bye to adsense ads – say hello to Grey hat tips

Adsense ads has leaved earningstep forever – say good bye to adsense ads

Well, if you are my royal reader then you should realize that you can’t see any adsense ads again on this blog, yeah.. I have removed all the ads , I mean all adsense ads . Some of my reader mail [...]

How to optimize adsense for search – turn your search box to money machine

Optimize adsense search box and turn it to cash machine

I wondering how many people hate adsense for search and don’t use any of them on their box  , but this post will change their mind about adsense search box , this post is also an example to show how powerful adsense for search [...]