Adwords and adsense

Adwords and adsense

Big secret increase adsense revenue and traffic at the same time with adwords

This is true secret increase your earning with adwords

I have my own experience about adsense , I make money every day from adsense , now I will reveal my big secret to you , read carefully . Very simple actually and everyone can do it easily.
For the first time using adsense, you must worry about your revenue. I bet you must check your adsense revenue every hour to see your website getting click or not. Login every day just to see your earning. Actually I’m the same with you for the first time. But now I will teach you that you can use adwords to increase your adsense revenue and make a huge traffic for the same time.

What is adwords ?

If for me adwords is promoting tools, for you is ads that show up in your website, so if you using adwords it means you promote your website like Google ads show up in your website page.

How to use adwords?

Simple using it at Google, choose a good keyword that can describe your website, the set up fee only $5.00. Then choose the most profitable website that you have. And what will you get with adwords will make you surprise.
you will found your traffic is like heavy rain, and you will found that visitor came from adwords more likely click your adsense ads, but why? simple because traffic came from adwords is targeted visitor (quality visitor) first they click your website as Google ads that show up in other people page because they see and need information in your website, then they came to your website and see all information that you have and after they see your adsense ads you will have more percentage that they will click the ads, make sense!
The key is visitor came from adwords is targeted visitor that need information and will do everything (include click your adsense ads) to get more information that they need.

My own experience with adwords

I have been using Google adwords for six month and I found adwords has driven a huge traffic to my website and I have successful triple my adsense earning.The main thing to use adwords is keyword that you give to Google that showing what your website is. If you have a website about selling car , then you can give keyword like ” cheap car” , ” exclusive car” so if Google found a publisher that have that keyword on their page , Google will put your website as Google ad on their website.
If you want to focus on adsense revenue you can use this to get more visitor and increase your earning at the same time. This is must try for every publisher, never failed for me. The simple way is try adwords with the most profitable website and see your earning before and after using adword . if you still don’t satisfied with your earning try to change the keyword for adwords . it will be different you can change your keyword every time.

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