Best place to put adsense ads – optimize your blog for adsense

Best place to put adsense ads – optimize your blog for adsense

The best place to put your adsense ads on your blog


You might have read so many ebook that told you to put adsense ads here and there, do you realize that the entire book told you the same thing that probably not work for your blog. Here I will tell you best place for your adsense ads so you can optimize your blog for adsense.

But before I tell you my tips, you must know that this is my theory and working great for me. I better say this is ideas for you so you can easier find your own “best adsense home” on your blog.

Here is best place which visitor always loves to click ads…lol:

1. Your header: besides your logo is the best place for adsense ads It also make your blog look better, you can see a banner besides john chow logo at john chow blog (just like my twitter banner). By put an ad at the header of the blog will make you get more clicks because this is the first place where people can easily see without need to scroll down.

Option: both of image and text ads will work like a charm on this position

2. Top sidebar: yeah, I believe that now all blog themes have at least one sidebar. You can use it to make money, put adsense ad on the top of the sidebar. If you are about start an adsense blog then choose theme with the sidebar on the right.

Option: use 336×280 or 250 x 250 if you have a small sidebar

3.  Sidebar modified: if you want to optimize your sidebar then this is what I mean “sidebar modified “, you can put your adsense ad bellow your top post, be creative. Or you can put two adsense ads. one above the other  , make the first ad look tawdry and just blend the second ad If you have two sidebar ( like earningstep dot com ) then you can put the first ad beside the other and do the same thing with the ad format ), tawdry and blend.  This is a new idea, I just double my click soon after did this in my blog.

Note: you need to uses the same ads block if want to use this trick

4.  Sidebar modified with except content: this will only work for a theme like mine (earningstep dot com) see my home page and you will understand. I put an adsense block on my middle column (left sidebar), I design my blog to make the ad is part of the first except content. See, this is work like a charm too, I make more than$100 with earningstep, I believe this is not a good number if compare with my other blog, but not bad huh.

5. Inside your content: well, visit other adsense publisher blog and you can see that almost all of them have an ad block inside their content. blend the ad seem still the best here, but you need to try out some trick, the first is just do like what I’m doing, put 336 x 280 ad or 250 x 250 ad inside your content (you can put it on the top, top left, top right, middle or bottom) or you can put 468 x 60 ad block after one paragraph of your content, this will make reader think that the link on the ads is part of the blog.

Note: forget about image ad, use text ads on this trick

6. Inside the content with little trick: yeah, this is the next step from number five trick. Put an image on every of your content and then put the adsense ad beside the image, be a smart guy, you must cut the image to make it fit on the content and have the same size with your ads. Use interesting image but still relevant with the topic.

Option: if you are about put a big image on, then use 336×280 formats. If you are about use a long image then using adsense link unit will work like a charm, just put it bellow the image.

7. Bottom of the blog : Well I don’t see this is a great option, but I still put this option at number seven of best adsense ad placement, why? The reason is some people have a great theme with bottom sidebar, I found that you can do some trick on this theme. Just put adsense ad block beside your flash image or regular image. This will help people think that the ad is part of your content at least your recommendation for the reader. Make sense?

Well, best place will work “only” if you really know the potential of your theme itself. The question is, have you try the entire place above, if don’t then you can start it now. I call this best place to put your adsense ads because I have tried this out and most of them work so great, it cans double your adsense earning. Unbelievable right? Believe it!

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