Earningstep dot com monthly report – September Earning Report

Earningstep dot com monthly report – September Earning Report

Finally I made a good with Google adsense – my September earning report


It has been a month since I posted my last earning report “August earning report“. I thought it will be great if I post this report in time but Again I apologize for being late to make this report. I really have tons of jobs last month and I believe this is the main factor of delay.

Well, September was a great month for me, I did a nice tour with my girlfriend to simalem and hillpark but still could made money online (what could be better than make money and do some tour at the same time). I also made a really unbelievable job with my adsense , I got four digit money on my Google adsense account and I never thought about this before , I mean I didn’t know my strategy will work so wonderful.

Well, to save your time, here is my detail report (September blog report):

EarningStep dot com traffic statistic (This is the statistic I got from awstats)


Note : my traffic is getting better , it increase from 17k visitor to 24k visitor. oh yeah i love this …. lol

Here is my alexa rank report: it increased from 301,684 to 176,647


EarningStep Earning Report for september 2009

  • Pay per click = Google adsense $2,007.89 ( from my three blog )
  • Affiliate program = $ 101.33 ( not too bad )
  • Sponsored post and banner =  $ 175 ( not bad )

Please note that : the earning from Google adsense is made from my three blog , not only from this blog ( this blog made about a hundred dollar ) and I will post my original strategy about how I can made four digit money with Google adsense in only one month strategy plan. Please subscribe to this blog so you will never miss any original tips from me.

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