Five best keywords for adsense blog – adsense best keywords

Five best keywords for adsense blog – adsense best keywords

The best keywords for your adsense blog


If you are thinking about create a blog and make money using adsense on it , then choosing keywords will be the first thing you need to figure it out.

Million of adsense publishers failed because of choosing the wrong keyword and sure I am not one of them…lol.

Well let straight to the point, here I will share top five keywords you can choose for your new adsense blog:

1. “How to” keyword: the first and always success keyword is “how to” keyword. Not only good for adsense, how to keyword will bring tons of quality traffic as well.

2. All about “Free” keyword: I wonder what could be better than free keyword, everyone loves anything that cost free, and this includes you and me. Free keyword will make sure your blog flood by huge traffic as well. The point is: I think it will not hard to get people click your ads when they are showing free keyword as link title.

3. Domain, debt and forex trading (high paying keyword): you can choose lot of keywords here, all of them have high price per click. But the cons from high paying keyword are you cannot get traffic easier than two keyword above.

4. Hot topic as keyword: you can get tons of easy traffic faster than other keyword. Millions of people looking for trend article everyday and this will help to increase your clicks.

5. Say no to “Adsense” as keyword: you can choose all keyword that you like but please don’t choose adsense as a keyword. This is really making sense, you know why? It doesn’t matter how genius you can blend the ads, your visitor will know it because most of them are adsense publisher too and they are visit your site for tips not for click your adsense.

My own experience : I have three blog (this blog is just one of them). First blog is about free download, second blog is using computer as keyword and the third blog is this blog which talking about make money online.

The fact is earning from first and second blog is greater than this one and I was not surprise because I am sure lot of my visitor knows which my adsense ads are…lol.

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