How to Apply Goggle adsense

How to Apply Goggle adsense

How to make Google ADSENSE Approved your website/blog

If you just wanna start to apply for google adsense , you must read this post first. Google adsense is making money program based on pay per click and for more than ten thousand publisers Google adsense is Super Great making money program , Many of expert make thousands of dollars a month , even some of then can made it in weekly count.
Google adsense has been fever for blogger now , as you can see when you are surfing you can meet a lot of people showing their google check.

How it work ?

If you apply to google adsense and already approved by google , then you can put google adsense ads In your website , the ads will show up and related to your content (if your contents about car then the ads will about car ) it’s very easy to work with adsense when you are already approved by google adsense

How can I make money from adsense ?

Simple by putting ads by google in your website then if visitor visit your website and click the ads , you will get some money from adsense ( you need $100 request payment from google) This question maybe for beginner , that just wanna start with google adsense program. It’s really simple to get approved by google , I believe goolge focus on your content , when you apply for google adsense then google will visit your site , they will see what is your keyword , what is your theme , and content that you have . I found that less selling you do on the web that you apply on goolge is the better. Okay if your are really starter and want to join adsense here the simple way:
1. How your site look like
You don’t need to spend $1.000 dollar for great themes , and designed website , google need a simple website that don’t contain piece of junk. The key is create a simple website , with solid background ( not contrast color ). google need a blog/ website to put their ads , the main thing here is choose a color that you often find when your are surfing on internet , or you can choose color based on your themes or keyword. example if you wanna make a website about jewelry then you can choose yellow background color , or if you wanna make website about girly things choose pink or white.

2. Content / post Google will put related ads on your website , So they will check your content , what is your content about , Quantity of your content . if you only have a few content , believe me google will not approved your website. Try to write at least 20-30 contents before you apply adsense. the main thing here is , all content must related one to another , expand your keyword here . example : you make a website about car ,then you can post contents about how to choose a tire , how to drive at snowy day , tips to repair car by yourself , just expand your keyword ,give information as much as you can. you visitor will started love your blog when you do this.and Google will love at the same time. keep update your content is the key to gain traffic and money
3. Traffic…. traffic and traffic Google will not approve new sites with no traffic ,google adsense is advertising need visitor to look for their advertising, so before you submit your site for approval , try to get your site some traffic . And if you wanna know traffic is the main way to make money if you already get approved by google ( Read my tips about traffic HERE)

That is the basic thing to do before adsense will approve your website , if you do not get approved , you can always fix things and try again . don’t give up , most people are give up and failed , No doubt google adsense is greatest making money program.

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