How to optimize adsense for search – turn your search box to money machine

How to optimize adsense for search – turn your search box to money machine

Optimize adsense search box and turn it to cash machine

I wondering how many people hate adsense for search and don’t use any of them on their box  , but this post will change their mind about adsense search box , this post is also an example to show how powerful adsense for search and how this box can make a lot of money for their owner.

What is adsense for search?

Well, adsense for search is one from four type of adsense ads form. You can use only two adsense search box on your blog and put them everywhere you like. Whenever people search something using that search box and click ads from the results, you got the money, simple right?

Now the question, how to make people using the search box and how to optimize the search box it self?

I have deal with adsense search box for many month , I got more than $300 per month using it ( I don’t think this is the bad number , what do you think ? ) . I love adsense search box because of the simplicity and how normal they can work and make money for me. people read my article , they want more  but  too lazy to click other links , they decided to search using the search box , some of them click the ads , I got paid. This is what I am talking about, simplicity and normal. You give people more option, more features, people love you, people give you some click on the ads, and Google give you the money.

How I optimize adsense search box is easier than you ever thought?

I don’t think that this is new idea for you but let me try got give the best; here are some of my favorite tips to deal with the search box:

  1. You must show the search result on your own blog: you can choose to show search result on your own blog when you make the search box, Google give you the option to do this. By showing search result on your own blog will make people believe that the source of search result is really from you and they will love to click it.
  2. Blend the search box is important, isn’t it? : I don’t think this is right, but try both of them on your blog. a blended search box will make the search box itself look Natural , but a ” colorful ” search box will stand out on your blog and some of my friend have different result with both of them. Try it out by your own.
  3. The best place for adsense search box is, where? : at the top on the blog seems is the perfect place for search box and the second place is at the end of the article on every post on the blog , the reason is when people read up the article and they want to read more , they can easier to find similar article using the search box .
  4. Combine adsense for search with adsblacklist is the best : I told you this before , you can use adsblacklist to remove cpa networks ads ( some of my reader told me that adsblacklist is not receive new member , but I will find another one for you ) . You can get higher price per click from adsense search box as well.
  5. Adsense for search is not a feature from Google, it’s for make money online.
  6. Remove your own search box ( blog search box ) before put adsense search box , so you reader will not confuse with both of them , especially with the search result.

Well, my friend as you can see , my screen shot show you how powerful adsense search box has helped me make money from adsense . This is your turn to use this feature and make your reader happy , oops I mean to make you money. Read how to optimize adsense for search again and again whether you miss something.

If you have another problem or anything to say about adsense for search, your own experience maybe or you probably have your own tips, share with us …please…..

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