How to start make money with adsense for newbie

How to start make money with adsense for newbie

How to make a blog for adsense – starting make money with adsense


This is the fourth post about adsense for this month , I have told you about ten myths to make money with adsense ( part one and two ) , best ads format and placement. Today we will go back a little bit because I will try to share my experience for beginner ( new adsense user ) who want to try their luck with biggest pay per click network on internet . How to make a blog for adsense ? simple question but many of people failed to answer this and also failed with their adsense.

So what is the best blog for adsense ?

If you want the answer then here is what I know  , best blog for adsense require factors bellow ( try to compare with yours and see which one you missed out ) :

1. The keyword :  you can also say it as niche  , topic or main content. What you must know about this is if you want quality traffic is choose a right topic. Here Is the topic which will always popular :

  • Health , such as : sleeping problem , solving health solution , drug , heath tips and other healing program
  • music  : music kind , free music portal , etc
  • Free (everyone love free  …lol ) : free application , free stuff , freebies
  • games : free pc games , free mini games , free pda games , free hp games
  • sharing or solution : any kind of sharing or solution to help people
  • news : blog about daily news

well , you can choose one of the topic above  or combine two of them , it’s easier to get traffic from popular topic than HPK ( high paying keyword ) topic such as : loan , premium domain , debt , Forex , advertising , premium stuff , etc

2. Domain name: after choose a topic then try to pick one domain name that similar with the topic. Domain will help your search rank, believe me.

3. Blog template: this is very important factor, if you have enough money then you can buy themes which specially design for adsense (adsense themes) or you can use flexible themes which allow you to deal with part of the blog, I am highly recommend you to use Atahualpa theme if you want to design your own blog themes without knowing too much html or css code. A flexile blog template will make you easier to try ads placement and get more click.

4. The content itself: when you already have the stuff above then you can continue with writing unique article, you can rewrite an article you got from people or write article based on your own experience. unique article will help you get more quality visitor for sure

5. SEO: forget about traffic if you don’t know how to deal with SEO, you might read thousand of eBook about SEO, but do you realize that SEO is about basic promotion stuff. SEO is about link, link and link. Am I right?

Traffic from search engine is the best for make money with adsense, we can have million of traffic every single day but if the traffics are not come from search engine then it’s useless.

So there are five factor which have the connection between one and others, don’t even miss (make a wrong choice) one of them. We need all of them to maximum our adsense account.

Okay, if you got all the stuff above then you can start make money with adsense, you can earn thousand dollars every month with adsense or more. I will provide more advanced adsense tips after this.

(I provided this post for Mich, a noob who mailed me yesterday and asking me about this topic ” How to make money with adsense for newbie “)

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