Increase adsense revenue with relevant ads

Increase adsense revenue with relevant ads

How to increase adsense earning with relevant ads ?


After you learn adsense tips about :

Now I will teach you focus to adsense ads , if you do this right you can give big impact to your revenue.

Relevant ads and contents?
What is that mean , now I must tell you that so many people are failed because ignoring this step, many of them just create a great blog , place all ads on their page , place ads at good place , blend their ads , choose a large block of ads BUT they don’t see the ads contents about , I’m here to tell you that the adsense ads that show up in your page is the key to your success ( if your already now where good place to put your ads ,if don’t click here ) so relevant ads means here is , all Google adsense ads show in your page must relevant with your content your keyword , your themes, let take an example : you are making website about car , then the first step is you must make all content in your website is just about car , focus in ” about car”, then the next step you place adsense ads in good place ,and the last step is ” put your eyes” on adsense ads , look if Google adsense ads showing in your page have related with your keyword on your page or not .
Let say your page is great shop to buy a car, then your adsense ads must about car shop, buying car, or anything that related with shop and buying thing. If you already have relevant ads you already gain the benefit from adsense, when people see your page (they must looking for information about buying a car, or good shopping place) they will see adsense ads “about shopping “the click-through-rate (CTR) on a page will increase. But if your adsense ads are not relevant with your contents your visitor found no reason to click the ads, because the ads don’t have information to help them. Make sense huh!
What to do when I DON”T have relevant ads?
Because relevant ads is so important then I have to tell you simple way to have relevant ads , simple really , if you don’t have relevant ads that’s mean Google failed to determine what is your keyword in your page , then you must repair your contents on your page , this is some areas need to repair , I will take an example if you make a page about ” great shop to buy a car”:
  1. The title of the page : in this place you must write what is your keyword , in this case you can write ” great shop to buy a car”
  2. The h1-tags in your page : This means after you write a title then you will continue to write a content, the h1-tags means is at the top of your content just write a conclusion about your page about, in this case you can write “top ten shop to buy a car “use H1-tags in this sentences, you will make sure Google put adsense ads about shopping car in your page.
3. Your content keyword : this is the last place but the most important , if you already doing the two thing above , then when your write your content , you must really write a content about what you write at the title , in this case you must really write content about ” great shop to buy a car” , and ” top ten shop to buy a car ” if you don’t do this your visitor will never come back to your blog again.
Because when your visitor visit your page they are looking for information about shopping car , and if your title is that and your content is about how to clean a Car, it just doesn’t make any sense? And No ads will clicked by your visitor.
The simple way to do is, write a simple content but really have your keyword about “shopping a car” make sure your ads relevant with your content, use the keyword on content at least 4-5 times. And done, you will have a good content with good relevant ads.
Remember to check your adsense ads every time you write a new contents , make sure relevant ads will show up on your new page , every master do it , this is the most important thing to do if you want to make a great money with adsense , just do it and then continue with find traffic.

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