Ten myths you must know about Google adsense – reveal the secret of Google adsense part one

Ten myths you must know about Google adsense – reveal the secret of Google adsense part one

Learn more about Google adsense – ten myths about Google adsense

Well, since I posted my September earning report , there are lot of question booming my inbox and to satisfy my reader , I decided to post the step by step how to make money with Google adsense and I call it reveal the secret of Google adsense . This is part one of this, ten myths you must know about Google adsense. When so many of adsense publishers missed these things, I hope you are not one of them and this is why I made it to be the first part of Google secret.

If you are one of Google adsense publisher that already joined for many years and STILL don’t make anything in your account, then try to read ten myths bellow:

Myth number one : I already joined adsense for many years , I don’t need to read Google TOS anymore

The fact is: this is totally wrong, it doesn’t matter how many money you already made with Google adsense, how long you has been their publisher, read their TOS every time it change is a must. You will miss quite useful information about Google adsense if you don’t read their TOS carefully and off course you don’t want to get banned just because you don’t know their new rule.

Myth number two: I have a great blog then I can easily make money with adsense in my blog.

The truth is: totally dumb if someone think like this. You can have a great blog with excellent themes create for adsense but if you don’t have quality traffic from your great content. Forget about money on your Google account.

Myth number three: each keyword/niches are equal in terms of making money with adsense.

The truth is: if you think so, then I have to say that you are wrong again. Not all keyword are good to use for make money with adsense. Example: “make money online “and other relevant keywords / niche are not good for adsense. You want a proof, I have proved it by myself. I made not more than $100 with this blog while my others blog made a fantastic number. The reason is simple , it doesn’t matter how great you can blend the ads because your reader will always know it ( because they are in the same ” area ” with you ) make sense ?

Myth number four : I can easily blend the ads and I must success with my adsense

The fact is : again , this is totally wrong . You probably have read tons of free eBook that tell you that blend the Google ads will make a great success. But the fact is not like that , I agree if you blend the ads then you will have a higher CTR but this wills not always success . WHY ? Because the key is not as simple as blend the ads. You need more than that , you need to read my other post…lol

Myth number five : I have ten thousands friend in the biggest community in the world . I will tell them to click my ads , I will rich then .

The truth is : I have nothing to say if you are one of the guy who think like this , remember that we are facing with Google , the biggest portal at the world of internet , the biggest search engine with the best team , the number one site in the world ( for some people Google just like a God ). Never tell people to click your ads , you must insane if you do that.

Well , I think it’s enough for today . I will post the rest of the myths in my next post. I hope you don’t mind . The conclusion for this post is : lot of adsense publisher has wrong and think that they already know all about Google adsense. I never said that make money with adsense is easy but based on my experience it is not harder than you think

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