Ten myths you must know about Google adsense – reveal the secret of Google adsense part two

Ten myths you must know about Google adsense – reveal the secret of Google adsense part two

The other five myths to make money with Google adsense – Google adsense secret revealed

Oh my God, the respond of first five myths is greater than I thought, I receive tons of mail about that. Well, I will continue the second part of other five myths to make money with Google adsense but I suggest you to read the first part of the myths if you missed that so you can easier to understand the second part.

Make money from adsense look like real powerful, I mean popular. I bet I know why, this might cause by the big name of Google. If you earn $100 then Google will 100% pay you? Never worried about got scam, right? If you earn $10,000 then Google will do the same, they will pay the number. The question is how to make the number in your account, this is what you will find out soon, but off course you need to learn the other myths to understand the real how to make money with adsense.

So here the other five myths about make money with Google adsense that you need to learn and know before can make lot of money in your account:

Myth number six:  I don’t need to know HPK, I only need traffic

The fact is: you can agree with this and me too. But finally I realize that some of the keyword s is rock, the value just beyond of my imagination. Think about $25 for one click and $ 0, 03 for one click.  Which one you are preferred too? Sometimes I got a high paying keyword in my adsense ads and I just love it if people click it. One click is equal too hundred of click on small value keyword, right? So I bet you already know how powerful high paying keyword are. The question is how to get it and the answer is with free feature provided from spyfu, I will talk more about this in my next post. Ok buddy

Myth number seven: Forget about other colors, blue is best color for adsense link

The fact is: just looking at your own adsense, how many you already made by using blue color as link color. I am not saying that blue is not the best while other is greater than. Well, the fact based on my experience is, using the same color for adsense link and regular link in your blog is not always worked. If you ask me why? The answer is simple, if you use the same color between both of them then there will be too much link in your blog, right? This will make your visitor confuse and you got no click at all

Myth number eight :  Google search is useless , Google link is the same both of them are garbage

The fact is : you can visit john chow site and see that he is using Google search on his blog. this tell you that Google search is powerful than you ever think , by putting Google search on your blog will make your visitor easier to search other related content and off course you get money . Google link is the same , it’s about how you use them on your blog and how you combine them in with others

Myth number nine : I don’t make any money with Google , this means Google adsense is useless

The fact is  : okay , let say you still don’t make any money with Google then you think that you are losing a space for Google adsense ads , right ? Well , I hope you think about it again , by using Google adsense on your blog , Google will send their crawler , robot or spider more often and you will get your post easier to index on their database. See what you miss if you delete the ads ?

Myth number ten : Google has paid me twice , I don’t need to get banned anymore because Google has trust me.

The fact is : it’s a funny stuff when people told you or think like that , Google have million of publishers out there and they will never trust anyone . If you click your own ads ( accidentally probably ) you got banned..

Okay buddy , I have finished the first lesson about how I make money with adsense . The ten myth is a must to know for everyone before continue with other complicated lesson . I bet you want to know more about how I made $2,000 a month, you are in your way buddy.

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