What you need and left with adsense in 2009

What you need and left with adsense in 2009

What you need and left with adsense in 2009

2008 is year for adsense and blogger, but this year adsense and blogger will be the king.
More and more people will entering the world of blogging, and many of them will use adsense in their blog, and make adsense as a part- time income. In 2009 there will be more people gain success with adsense, I hope you are included.
They are able to get “thousand” checks from adsense. While others people who failed still searching and figure out what went wrong, I will give my prediction in this year about what you need and what you MUST left in order to gain success with adsense.
First I will tell you what you must left:
1. Diary looking blog This year blog based on diary theme will not work , people (visitor ) get bored with this themes, If you are planning to make a blog this year for the purpose of cashing with Adsense, Don’t use diary based theme. The ads appearing on a diary cannot be well targeted.And you must remember people will not click if there is no relevancy of the ads to the content. People are searching for useful information, especially information that solves their problem, think creative and start to make a blog that fit with your themes
2. Duplicate content
2008 is year for duplicate content, you can easily find the perfect same content in more than 3 or 4 website/ blog, event you can decide who the author of that content are. But this year , duplicate content will not work again , search engine getting smart , If you are not the real author of a content then your site will not appear on search engine , Now start to make your own unique content. That’s will not hard to do, especially if you make a website or blog based on your hobby, or favorite. But if you still find difficult in this step, try to find a content that fit for your site and RE-WRITE them with your own word.
3. High Paying keyword
2008, High paying keywords are favorite; People are spending thousands of dollars Acquiring high paying adsense keywords. They are near to nonexistent. Google has smart pricing that rules in the favor of the advertisers. Google has never disclosed how
many percent of revenue it is going to share with you. If you found a keyword that advertisers are paying $20 per click, it is unlikely that you will earn $10 a click on that keyword.In fact, it is suggested that you steer away from the keywords appearing in any suggested high paying keyword list when you are first starting out. They do not pay what you think they will pay, but the competition is stiff. You might not even get a click at all, so why bother spending a whole 100 pages blog on the keyword?
4. Wrong link exchange
You must happy when someone offer you a link exchange, but remember to Be careful on the link you are sending out. I mean if you make a blog about car , and one day someone offer an link exchange of his blog about electronic , what will you think , it’s doesn’t match each other . So this year wrong link exchange will not work. If you want to gain maximum benefit from link exchange you can start find another website, which has related keyword / themes to your website. Visit their site and offer link exchange to them.

I have tell you what you must left in this year, so what you need this year, here it is:

1.Content is still the king
Original, unique, useful, content will be more and more important, every website and blog that do not have a great content will get slow and slow. Would you like to bookmark and revisit a website with great content or website that full with duplicated content? Every visitor will look for useful information, so from now create a great content YOURSELF.
2.Theme-based Blog
Like I tell you before, theme based blog will be king this year (but not Diary theme) there are thousands of free great theme outside, choose a theme that fit with you blog, with your idea. Focus with your idea. For example if your write about hand phone, then choose a theme for hand phone, write and focus about hand phone not computer or electronics. Just focus with hand phone.
3.Right Link exchange
This will be rock this year, right link exchange means like this, for example you are make a blog about hand phone, then start to find link exchange about hand phone too, visit other people blog about hand phone, give our comment about their post (put your link there too), visit a forum about hand phone, give a post there, make a link as much as you can. So you will gain traffic from visitor (who are really love hand phone) to your blog, and when they are come, and see your adsense (hope they will click it)

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