How to choose good template for blog | Blogging Tips

How to choose good template for blog | Blogging Tips

Best wordpress and blogger template | Learn how to choose them


There are two fact about themes/blog template that I know , The first fact is there are hundreds of blog themes / template at internet waiting to use , lot of them has very great feature, widget ready , easy to custom , nice looking , and FREE.

You can easily find wordpress and BlogSpot template with search engine then read the template/themes detail and use it. But do you know what the second fact about themes/blog template is ? I bet you know. The second fact is many of new blogger or even lot of existing blogger confuse to choose which is the most fit template / themes for their blog , are you one of them ? If yes read the tips bellow !

Honestly, Choosing themes or template for your blog is easy , you only need to follow this tips :

1.     Know “what” your blog itself and will be in the future , if you don’t know what is your blog about then you are not a real blogger and you don’t need to have a good template.

2.     Visit other blog , This will give you idea and make you easier to choose the most fit template or themes for your blog.

3.     Choose “only” template or themes that have all feature you need. A Good template is useless if you can’t use the entire feature.

4.     Choose template or themes that flexible this means easy to edit and custom .

5.     There is lot of template or themes kinds such as magazines , 2 column ,3 column , 4 column , etc . Choose the most suitable one for your blog.

6.     The best time to choose template or themes is when you want to start your blog for the first time. Because if you want to change your template when you already have lot of contents , use tons of widget and have banner on your blog, you will need to work hard re-design all part on your blog and this is not one day job , this could take a week ( I don’t think your royal visitor will happy with this)

7.     Everyone has their own style so make sure you know how to custom template or themes that you want to use.

I have given seven ideas for you here , actually there is lot of tips in order to choosing the most suitable template or themes for your blog . But you don’t need to learn all because the most important thing you need to know when you want to choose BlogSpot or wordpress template is your blog itself, so make sure you know and have plan for your blog.

Remember : template or themes is not only a skin for your blog but it show who you really are.


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