How to get more reader by being a true blogger

How to get more reader by being a true blogger

Are you TRUE blogger ? If not then Be a true blogger and make more money!


I bet your know john chow. John chow is true blogger for me and for hundred of visitor that visit his blog daily. Why I call john chow as a true blogger, not because he make lot of money with his blog, but he always update his blog daily. (Just like me, then call me true blogger too, hahaha)

Who is true blogger?

True blogger is no them that blog for money. True blogger is them that blog for their reader, love to give and share information, love their blog topic, and always want to give the best for their visitor. That’s way I call john chow is a true blogger.

So what is the benefit by being a true blogger?

Almost all true blogger have lot of visitor that visit and revisit their blog everyday for new information on the blog. And all true blogger make a lot of money (this is why I want you to be a true blogger too)

What I need to be a true blogger?

To be a true blogger is not hard, first you must choose a topic, themes, keyword that you really love and have obsession with it (don’t choose a topic if you can post new updates for six month) then the most important thing to keep your visitor always back to your site after their first visit is you need to update / post new article, information and tips everyday

If you see my post time then you can see that I publish three new post every day and all post is published at three different time, if I tell you the fact that I’m not sit in front of computer all the time (I only use my computer at the night) then you I can post three different post in three different time? The answer is this (look picture bellow)


This is great and free feature from wordpress (I’ m sure most of blogger never use this feature) with this feature you can set schedule for every post. I always create 3 new post and set schedule for three different times so people will think I always ready for them.

Most of us didn’t realize that to be a good blogger, to make money, to increase earning, to get success actually start from simple feature.  The only thing you need is to use it and creative.
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