How to start a blog for beginner

How to start a blog for beginner

What are you waiting for? Create your blog now


Read this before it’s too late
Blog is a must have thing if you want to focus on make money online, everyone can create a blog in just an hour include you. There are lot of free site that can help you to create one, such us BlogSpot, wordpress, dagdigdug, multiply and much more.

Choosing between free and premium blog

There is two kind of blog:

  1. Free blog with limited feature : You don’t have to pay a cent for this kind of blog because both domain and hosting are free, all you need to do is choose your domain name and follow the step by step instruction.I found BlogSpot and wordpress is the best for creating a free blog.
  2. Premium blog with unlimited feature  : I really recommend this for everyone that want to focus on blogging and make money online because you can do everything with premium blog and there is no locked feature.

Premium blog is recommended for every one

If you want to serious on blogging then premium blog is a must, forget about free blog with ugly domain name and locked feature.

This is what you need to know before create a blog:

  • Choosing topic for your blog: this is the first thing you need to think about (not a domain name). if you failed to choose the correct topic then your blog will fail too
  • Domain name : choosing the right domain is harder than make money itself but the key is choose the name based on your blog topic , easy to remember and branded
  • Hosting : actually I am not the best one that know how to choose the best hosting , you need to read all feature on hosting provider before choosing one
  • Engine / CMS: choosing between wordpress, jomla and others may confuse you. But I really love wordpress with it feature.

See how easy create a blog so what are you waiting for, create one and you will find lot of benefit from a blog.

I am open my hand for everyone

Honestly I am not the best blogger and just like you, I learn how to blog from my journey and I know how it feel when you start a blog and no one help you. So I will make it easy here, contact me if you find any difficult on blogging and I will help you with no cost at all.

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