Boost Traffic NOW

Boost Traffic NOW

Three Easy Steps to Bring Visitor to your website/Blog


I bet you have known that traffic are important, you will gain benefits from every visitors.
No matter if you are Product seller, making money from adsense, looking for advertiser, find referral for you making money program or anything else.
I found that you can gain traffic from some general way :
1. Social Networks website:
You surely have heard Facebook, Frienster, digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Entrecard, Forums before. That kind of site are social networks site .
Make sure you have account in that site , with social networks site you can easily find a huge of new friend , create your own community , and of course your final destination is promote your website to them.Make sure get friends as much as you can, This will make sure your website will gain more and more visitor. I have research about “Traffic” and finally I know that traffic came from this way is the best.
Because most of them is your friend, your community and of course they are more trust you. If you don’t know how to start , then I will tell you, Start with find a lot of friend , tell them your new post , benefit of your post , your program , tell them that your site will help them at least increase their knowledge. Before you start this, make sure have a great content, useful post. 100% their will visit your blog. Gain unique visitor from them, gain the benefits, and I’m sure if you have a great content, they will bookmark your site and came again next time.

2. Backlink Traffic: Backlink means your blog / site URL in other people site. Using this way to gain traffic for the first time is not the easy way, but if you have a great page rank, your site has at least 6 month running. I believe you can start looking for backlink. I can’t tell you where you can find backlink because there are millions site that can give you free link to their site , just looking around with search engine such as ” free backlink ” you will find million site for backlink . But if you want to create a great backlink, make sure you know the site where you want to put your link, if you can then find the website with high page rank, like twitter, forum. Backlink not only increase your traffic but your page rank too. If you are money finder from advertiser I believe you know the important of page rank.

3. Traffic exchange:

There are so many Traffic exchange websites now. You can gain huge traffic instant but traffic gain from this way usually “fake” I mean I love traffic exchange , but if you are making money from adsense , make sure you use above way to earn traffic .
Visitor came from traffic exchange site usually only visit your Home page . If you are already falling in love with traffic exchange I will tell you a little “secret” to make sure you gain benefits using this way ,Create a great home page ( First page ) of your website or blog , Use very interesting word ( I call Magic word) like ” Free traffic” , ” Secret of Making money ” , ” Tips “
People will love it , Put that word in the middle or at the above at the page , make sure the position will attract people to click it .
Visitor from traffic exchange is not always bad; I found that you can use this way to increase your ALEXA RANK. If you making money from Advertiser, or Paid for review money such as blogitive, pay per post, etc, You must know That alexa rank is so important to get job from them.The three general ways I mention above is easy to follow, make sure you use that way first if you web or blog is new one. I will tell you more way next time I post. Keep looking my post. Hope you gain anything helpful.


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