Five best source for find new idea on blogging

Five best source for find new idea on blogging

I got five inspiration sources for find new idea


Well, I understand when blogger have published more than thousand post, blogger may confuse with “what should I write in my next post? “Or “if there are anything missed in my blog? ” I said that for true, right? How to deal with this? Let take an example: this blog already has more than 300 posts in only six month, I always have new idea to write post and share to all my royal reader and you can see how variety my blog posts are.

Some blogger really need to find new source to build the spirit and find new idea on blogging, if you one of them, here I got some tips to share:

  1. If you confuse with what to write at your next post then you can look at your comment area, see if people asking question? See if your reader enthusiast with the topic. Answering the question in one post will make your reader feel that they are so important and write the next part of enthusiast topic will make even more visitor and BURN them to stay in your blog.
  2. Look back to your old post. lot of blogger didn’t realize how powerful their first ten post are , usually blogger create pillar content on their first post on the blog and after got traffic from the post , blogger forgot about the post that have built traffic for the blog. So all you need to do is look back to your old post and see if you can create the next part of the topic on the post or probably you can update the topic.
  3. Use social networking site. be twitter, facebook, digg member and as much as you can social networking site, I found million of new idea there and this will work with you too.
  4. Blogwalking bring new idea. read my awesome tips about how to make your blog more powerful than now part five , I said that blogwalking is the most simple but powerful way to increase your blog productivity and also lot of other benefits that you can get for free
  5. Tell blogger about your best activity. I visit hundreds of other blogs everyday and can clearly see that most of successful blogger write lot of detail about them and quests what? you can do the exactly same thing with them.

The truth is find new idea on blogging is easier than your think. don’t stop at the middle. million of inspiration source are waiting for you. I got million of words to say and thousand of post is waiting in my blog queue list.

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