Five ways to drive traffic from other blog – increase traffic tips

Five ways to drive traffic from other blog – increase traffic tips

Turn your blogwalking to targeted traffics

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If I tell you that you can convert your blog walking into quality traffic to your own blog, will you surprise? Actually you will able to do that but of course if you know how.

Drive traffic from other blog is really a big bang, read the benefit you can get bellow so you will know why I said a big bang:

  • Traffic from other blog means quality traffics, because they are really human (not bot, craw, robot or some kind like that)
  • Traffic from other blog means targeted traffic, if they come from blog that have related keyword with yours.
  • Traffic from other blog will increase your blog quality and if your blog have good contents then your royal reader will even grow bigger.
  • Most of visitor from other blog will end as your friends and off course will take you and your blog to the next level.

Remember my powerful tips “how to make your blog more powerful than now – part five “which blogwalking is the main part there? I have told all my reader how important doing blogwalking when they have time and to make the tips complete, I will tell you how to make your blogwalking event more perfect and how to drive traffic from it, here they are:

1. Leave a Comment is the first thing you must do in order to make traffic. Give your best comment related with the topic

2. Watch their post, find out whether you can write review about the post. You will get more point if the post that you will review is phenomenal.

3. See on their blog feature, if they give a quest blogger feature then you can write a great content for them and drive traffic to your blog by leave a link in the quest post. (Do this only at popular blog)

4. Reply to other people comment. Not only because you can be top commentator with this, but people will look your domination and think you are a raging fire .Finally they will visit your blog to say “how are you?”

5. Focus to blogs that have comment luv feature so your last post will automatically add in the end of your comment.

There is nothing easier than this, right? Every bloggers can do this without any difficulty and let me tell you that you can be a top commentator on my blog and win free advertise banner on my blog.

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