Hit Safari | Explore the Wonders of Great Traffic

Hit Safari | Explore the Wonders of Great Traffic

Want to make traffics instantly then use this site !


In this week I want to focus about traffic exchange and want to review as much as I can traffic exchange sites. As you know traffic exchange is the fastest traffic maker on internet, you can make 100. 200. or more than 5000 visitor a day ( depends on the time you have to do this program) so in this week you will found more and more great traffic exchange sites for you to join , here is one of them ” Hit safari ”
What is hit safari?

Hit safari is traffic exchange program with 2: 1 ratio system (for free member), this means for 100 pages you visit/surf, and you can have 50 visitors to your blog. if you want 1:1 ratio then you need to became pro member and get 100 visitor for every 100 site visited by you + More bonus such as banner impression , text links and other.

What can I get from this site beside traffic?
Hit Safari is primarily a Traffic Exchange although we do reward you with small cash commissions. Whenever someone that you have referred to Hit Safari makes a credit purchase or upgrades you will receive a percentage of their purchase.

How do I request a commission?
Log into your MAIN MEMBER PAGE. About halfway down you will see where it says “Your Commission”. Click on the words “Request Your Commission”.

Conclusion: Join as many as you can traffic exchange sites and spend your time with surf is the key to get traffic to your blog as many as you can.

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HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic


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