Hit2hit | Powerful traffic exchange site! Must join

Hit2hit | Powerful traffic exchange site! Must join

Hit2Hit | Powerful traffic exchange site!


There are so many traffic exchange site now , that’s give blog owner many choice to choose what is the best traffic exchange , choose the right traffic exchange can give you huge impact to your seller , adsense earning , or affiliate program . I have my own traffic exchange list that I think are the best, and hit2hit is one of them.

Why choose hit2hit?

Hit2hit is the fastest traffic exchange that sends me traffic. I spend my time about 15 minutes everyday to surf with hit2hit and get more than 50 credits, and assign 50% the credit to my blog. I found that hit2hit is great enough to send quality traffic to my blog.

What unique with hit2hit:

Hit2hit use level system for their member, such as green rose, white rose, coral rose and red rose, all level has different surf ration.

Here I got little information about hit2hit, for more detail you can get it by click banner bellow this post

What Is The Surf Ratio?

A Green Rose Variable Surf Ratios.
A White Rose 4:3 Surf Ratio
A Coral Rose 1:1 Surf Ratio
A Red Rose 1:1.25 Surf Ratio.

When Do I Get My Free Credits For Signing Up And For My Referral?

First you have to activate your account by clicking the link in the email we sent you. Then, after, you have surfed 10 pages you will be getting 10 surf credits.
Referrals have to click that same link in their mail and to be active (surf 20 pages) before you will receive the referral bonus.

How Many Referral Levels Are There, And What Are The Percentages Per Level?

As a Green Rose member, 1 level 5%.
As a White Rose, 1 level 10%.
A Coral Rose. 1 level 15%.
A Red Rose. 1 level 30%.

If you have new blog and want to drive traffic as fast as possible , or if you have product to sell and want to drive quality traffic , or even you want to increase your Alexa rank , then traffic exchange is the cheapest way to do it and hit2hit is one of great traffic exchange !

Join and drive traffic to anyplace you want!



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