How to choose Best themes for SEO – advanced search engine optimization FAQ

How to choose Best themes for SEO – advanced search engine optimization FAQ

How to choose themes for SEO – another Important SEO FAQ


Few days ago I have publish one interesting topic about How to choose domain for seo as one of most important SEO FAQ and today , another big hidden tips will publish soon . It’s about how to choose theme / template that good for SEO, can support your blogging, can help you drive more traffic from Google. I am serious, themes is one important from blog that can really make a miracle for you.

So how to choose or at least know which theme / template is good for SEO (support SEO theme). I have done some long experiments with more than hundreds theme ( I am serious , I used to love to change my blog theme )  and lucky you , I have finished all job to know what factor from theme that can help you to have a better blog , off course a seo support theme.

Now is the time, How can I know that my theme is good for SEO?

This simple question needs a long answer, a support SEO theme need to have this condition:

  • The theme is Load fast: a fast loading theme not only can make your reader comfort but also make the Google robot / crawler loves your blog. If they are often come to craw your blog then you will have bigger chance to be indexed on Google. A small size theme is great for SEO because they will load faster than 5MB theme.
  • Theme that look clean : do you know why thesis theme is good for SEO , yeah the reason is they look clean and don’t have too much ” dirty ” code such as to much css , html , JavaScript , etc. the “dirty” code just like a lot of barrier for robot/crawler to read your blog. if your blog don’t have too much ” dirty “code then you already have a support SEO theme
  • Article column first not sidebar: here is the important part, try to reload your blog and see what part is show up first. If you article (center column) show up first then I must congrats you because you already choose a good theme. But if your sidebar shows up first, prepare yourself to change another theme. Remember this doesn’t have any connection with how many sidebar you have , you can have one or two sidebar but all of them must be at the right of your blog not the left
  • Article column at the left not right: the position of your article / post column is important as well, why? Because Google robot crawl your blog from left to right. Robot will more understand to read your article if they are one the left and automatically you will have a better SEO.
  • Theme with little room for ads: this is unique FAQ, but based on what I found, a little room for ads theme is good for you that want to focus more on SEO. You will forget about make money from ads that can reduce your rank and produce better article.
  • Forget about Flash: I know Flash image / video is good looking and can make your blog look so pretty professional, but by put them on your blog will make you get nothing. Remember, flash is nothing on SEO. SO don’t ever put them on header, inside posting or Sidebar. If you really love flash you can put them on footer.

Conclusion: if you think that you have chosen a wrong theme, I suggest you to change it. But if your blog already have all important factors to be a good theme for SEO then I must congrats you and your next job is to blog better. You don’t need to buy a premium theme if you know how to choose a good theme that Support SEO, right?

Well, this is big FAQ about Theme that good for SEO. If you have other tips to tell us, please let us know by leave your valuable comment bellow.

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