How to Choose domain name | Maximize your existing Domain

How to Choose domain name | Maximize your existing Domain

Choose best Name for your blog domain or Maximize your existing domain !


In my older post about top factor to make traffic , I have tell you the most important factor to make traffic , if you deal well with the first factor I’m sure you will have great result now , this time I will reveal more secret about traffic factor secret ” DOMAIN name and how to deal with it “ My point here is how to choose maximal your domain name and make it more memorable, okay let’s start:

  • Domain name: This is the second factor of traffic maker system, if you want to create new site then choose domain name that people will remember easily and related with your keyword, but if you already buy domain name then you can choose a logo that related with your domain name, so when people see your logo they will remember your blog.

Example: your blog name is: then you can choose money picture as your blog logo / header image.

But if you have domain name with your name or people name inside then you can make your own logo by adding your name inside , example : , this blog owner is johnchow and he use his name as header picture

  • Best way to Promote your domain name : If you want to promote your blog with your domain name then you must use the following format , Example :

USE: don’t : The first domain name format is easier to read and understand, see how using a capital letter at the start of each word make different. Your target here is how to make your domain name memorable

  • Your blog Title and description: many blogger ignore this factor, they just don’t know that title and description is very good for SEO, I have great tips here about how to choose good title and description, it’s easy, simple and free, all you need to do is go to Google and type “your keyword “and see the top ten result blog. Example : if your blog is about make money online then go to Google , type in the search box ” make money ” then see the title and description page of the top ten result by Google , see which one is the most interesting . then use it as idea to write good title and description of your blog

Okay, you have learned how to maximal your domain name, remember all factor need your action, so don’t just read and forget it, do action and see the result. In my next post I will tell you more about traffic factor and the next topic are ORGANIC SEO, I will give you key point from Allan Gardyne, and who is he? Alan gardyne is traffic expert and CEO of So make sure you stay with this bog

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