Get Maximal benefit from twitter targeted followers

Get Maximal benefit from twitter targeted followers

How to get Targeted member on twitter that has the same interest

This time I will tell you cool stuff about twitter, it’s about top twitter member based on followers. You must confuse the benefit of the list, read this post to know.

Every blogger and money maker know twitter is powerful micro blogging tools to make money, to promote your stuff , connect to your friend and family , make traffic to your site or blog and tell your followers your update . It will be great if you can get followers as much as you can, just imagine if you have 30.000 followers and with single click your updates will send to all your followers, what a great Free promote tools.

So back to the topic, in this post I will tell you how to get top member on twitter that have the biggest followers. Simple, just open your browser and type this address: in ten second you will get top 100 twitter member that have the biggest followers on twitter. Easy huh! So what next after get the list? We will go to “steal” their followers, read this step!


  • After the list show up, look at the list and the URL of that top member, click on the URL and find website or blog that have the same theme with your blog or site. Example your site is about artist, actor news, film. Then find the same blog that have the same topic/ themes.
  • Got it! good , now open their twitter member link ( on name column) , you will directly go to their twitter account and you can start ” steal” their follower by click their followers
  • You will get all their followers and now follow as much as you can, do it fast (using right click on your mouse and open in new tab) keep following people. ( Do this every day until you get more than 10.000 followers or maybe you want more of them)

Done! yes .you have done make people following you , yes I say that ” Following you ” you can see the result in next minutes , why because normally you will get people following you if you following they first , I guarantee this because I have do this for long time.

So if you ask me, why I should use this way to get followers, Because when you do this, choose the top twitter member that have the same interest with you and “Steal “Their followers, you will get targeted followers that have the same interest with you, This is more and more best way then you login to your account and start clicking other people link and following them randomly.  Make sense!

Remember, you will great more benefit if get one follower that have the same interest with you then get 10 followers but don’t have the same interest with you.

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how easy to get 1000 or More Targeted followers on twitter

Stay with this blog, I will tell you more about twitter tips. I will thanks thousand times to you if you subscribe to this blog.

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