How to make your blog more powerful than now part three

How to make your blog more powerful than now part three

How to make your blog more powerful than now part three | About your post


Many positive things have happen since I reveal great tips of “How to make your blog more powerful than nowPart one and Part two. I receive lot of thanks from readers , actually I’m very happy to see my readers have better result with their blog , include more better looking homepage , know how to choose good template based on their themes , know how to custom part of their blog , know better about element-element on blog. Because of this, I will reveal the secret of How to make your blog more powerful than now part three. This part will be more powerful, so read this entire post.

Part three of How to make your blog more powerful than now is about your Post, Very simple huh? But after read the tips bellow, you will know the mistakes that you already done so far and most blogger never paid attention for. To make sure all your post are perfect then you need to paid attention to:

1. Your Post headline

After your (Many) post so far, do you realize your headline on the post is very important? Don’t? Then you have do the big mistakes like other unsuccessful blogger usually do on their blog. Let me tell you this: Headline actually is a part on your post which can ask/ FORCE your reader to read the entire post. So this is the part on your post which your visitor put their eyes for the first time. If you can attract them with your headline then they will not read your post.

So the key here is Create a very attractive headline , add ” MAGIC” word like free , secret , big secret , never fail , the best , great , etc .


2. Use ” YOU” Not ” ME” Or ” I “

I always follow john chow dot com blog (no doubt, he is great blogger ) after see john chow posts for long time then I realize that he can make his reader ” Falling in love with his blog ” just with single word of ” YOU” on his post. When you using the word of “YOU” on you post and then your reader read it, they will feel that they are so important for you and then they will always visit your blog. unbelievable ? Believe it.

3. Content is always the king

There are so much strategy to drive traffic and make your blog better, but still content is number one ,  there are no secret here , by create a lot of good content will have a lot of good result on your blog.

4. Format of your post

If you already know how to create good contents then the next thing you need to do is known to write them on you blog. Remember your readers are human not search engine , So use Bullet , spacing , and not too much sentence on one paragraph will make your post more easy to read, And don’t forget using easy  to understand word on your post .

Actually the tips above are very easy to follow, all you need to do is more focus when create new post. Create one good post is better than create 10 worst post, Make sense?


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