How to optimize keyword on your blog – increase your blog quality instantly part two

How to optimize keyword on your blog – increase your blog quality instantly part two

Confuse about how to optimize keyword on your blog? Here is how it done


I didn’t mean to pride myself but I own rank one for lot of keyword on search engine Google “ most compatible browser ” is one of them . So the question is how I did it very well? See my page rank, I only get pagerank one for my blog so definitely pagerank is not one of the factor. Here I will tell you a little secret to optimize your keyword so you can have the same result like me.

The key is placement and not the keyword itself

Understand what I said? It’s the placement of your keyword, where you put that keyword on your post will make Google determine the value of your post on their search engine. So where is the best place for that keyword?

  1. The first place is “off course “your post title. To optimize your keyword, you need to play more with your title, be creative and think what words people will use to search using your keyword. Let’s take ” pay per click ” as keyword , you can use how to make money with pay per click as a title and fight with millions of similar post or use pay per click making money tips and fight with thousands of similar post .
  2. Use h1, h2, h3 tag for your keyword: believe me on this, lot of blogger just miss this but I never. I always use h2 tag for my keyword after the title above the picture on every post. You can see the example on this post. Tag is really valuable to boost your keyword rank on Google eyes. It’s worth to have it on your blog , all you need is to spent not more than 5 second and you will get a nice factor to boost your rank of your keyword
  3. The density of your keyword: one of the most important factors to optimize your keyword on Google eyes, no doubt that Google will check the density of the keyword on your post before they can put you on the list. Having a good number of keyword on your post will make sure you get a good number of Google search result. So the key is repeat your keyword several time on the post, three – five is a good number. Make sense?
  4. Forget about the keyword feature on “all in one seo pack plugin “: one of my friend lee has told us on his post, Google will not use Meta keyword to determine your post rank on their search engine result.
  5. “Again “the keyword placements are so important, repeat your keyword at the beginning of the post, the middle of the post and the end of the post.
  6. If you use a picture on your post then make sure you add your keyword on them , I got ton’s of traffic from this ” Google search image” all the picture on my post have their own keyword and this boost my rank on Google image searching result

I have been doing this for long time and I got a nice result with this. Forget about buying expensive premium themes if you don’t really need it. It’s all about the creativity and the experience to optimize keyword on your blog.

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