How to optimize your sidebar – increase your blog quality instantly part one

How to optimize your sidebar – increase your blog quality instantly part one

How powerful your sidebar is? Learn how to optimize your blog sidebar


This post title is powerful, isn’t it? Yeah just like what I will try to tell you soon “how to optimize your sidebar”.  Your blog have at least a sidebar, right? Have you ever thought about how to optimize it or you probably ever thought about which plugin is the best for your sidebar. There are thousands of plugin out there and not all of them will work for your blog so what I will trying to tell you is how to optimize your sidebar with those plugin.

Sidebar is one of the most important parts of your blog

I wonder you realized this or not but you must know that sidebar is a very…very… powerful part. You may call it one of the most important parts of your blog. Based on what I know, all wordpress and BlogSpot themes have at least one sidebar, this because the author know how powerful sidebar is and they just provide it for blogger so blogger can do something with it. Okay enough chit chat, here I will provide a nice tips for you about how to optimize your sidebar:

  1. The sidebar quantity: Actually quantity is not important but I suggest you to have not more than three sidebar, if you want to have a clean blog then choose theme with one sidebar.  Two sidebar is great if you have lot of stuff to show on your blog. So the conclusion is choosing themes with one or two sidebar.
  2. The sidebar placement: based on what I know, right column is working great for blog. Choose theme/template with content on the left and sidebar on the right of the blog. The reason is simple, people read from left to right, they will read your content and end on your sidebar.
  3. The sidebar widget : well , this is the most important part of this post. Choosing widget can make your blog more powerful or getting worst . The key is choosing widget that you really need based on what you really want for your blog.

first example :  this time you want your blog have more page view so you can increase your alexa rank  ( read the benefit of having more page view ) then all you need to do is choose widget for your purpose , such as : recent post , popular post , random post , etc.

Second example : you want to make more money from affiliate . Then you can use click bank widget or put your affiliate link on your sidebar. Just like that  , simple isn’t ?

Third example : you want to find more referral for your making money program , then put your referral link , banner or text link on it .

Fourth example : you want to increase friend , follower , and subscriber . I bet you know what to do with your sidebar…lol

So what you need to do right know is open your blog and see your sidebar , is they great enough or they look “so weak” and can only get you nothing.

I have more to share, stay with me . The best way is subscribe to this blog so you will never miss what I will try to share with you

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