How to Targeted Content Link Traffic

How to Targeted Content Link Traffic

Targeted content link Traffic


This step is the most important step to drive traffic to your website / blog.
Targeted Content Link Traffic The main poin about content link traffic are , These link offer best targeted traffic.targeted traffic means very good quality traffic , this traffic will boost your earning , boost your seller and if you are adsense publisher , this traffic will increase your earning
content link are different because they were in a articles or other based documents , or software, and content link traffic usually produce higher quality traffic ( because the content qualifies and educates prospects. if you love to write you can write as much as article that provide quality information to your reader , when they read your article , and if they love it they will follow the source ( this means your / your website)
So let’s begin to know How to Targeted Content Link Traffic Source (there is only two easy step):
1. Online Press Releases
Online press release, the hottest online promotion techniques. The online press release is slightly different from the traditional kind, in that it is designed more to generate traffic and back links. The possible press is just an extra bonus. The reason online press releases are so effective is that there are dozens of free press release distribution sites around the web, such as After a few days, your press releases are then get picked-up from sites like The tip to write an article to press release is to make it short and Sweet article. You want to lead the customer to click on your link. With that said, you should have some news quality to it (such as relating to a hot trend or for an up-coming holiday). It should NOT be promotional ads, as these will get rejected by the most important online press distribution services.
Some of best sites to press release are :


You can also find more by searching on the web. you can find so much online press releases website that ready to release your article and drive visitor to your website after read your article

2. Targeted Content Link Traffic Source – Article Distribution
Article is the best way to drive traffic is you like to write. This is because they are always in-demand by website publishers, blog owners, and e-zine writers. And, as a result, these publishers search article directories looking for articles to re-publish. You then get credit for your work (and links back to your website) though a short 5 line resource boxes at the end of your article. A typical article may be as short as a few hundred words to about 800 (if it’s longer, then you’ll have more luck getting others to publish it if you split it in two). The length should really depend on the content inside. It needs to bring value to the reader’s life. The best article submit website is :

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