How to TARGETED raw link traffic

How to TARGETED raw link traffic

Targeted RAW link Traffic


So this is my promise , now i will tell you the detail about ” how to targeted raw link traffic.
lets begin Targeted Raw link Traffic:
The main benefit : you will get large blast targeted visitor to your website ,and the way to get this is ” Simply the link “
So here the explanation , Raw link traffic is easy to get , just keep focus on this first to get a quality traffic .
1. Link from comment you make at other people blog This is very easy to do , but some people make a mistake when doing this , this is the right way when you make a comment .inside you might comment on:
  • How much you like a post
  • Any questions you have about the topic
  • Or any tips you have about the topic
Then, leave your website with (anchor text) after your name. An example post might be:
Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more! Keep update your post.
Sincerely Your Name
All about Handphone
2. Links from using the “Blog and Ping” technique. This technique will let your pages to get indexed into seacht engines in short .Then, everybody started using it and the effectiveness has slightly decreased.The good news is that although it’s on the higher end today (2-3 days), it still works wonders!This technique is mainly for getting your pages into the search engines as quickly as possible so you can start making money from them fast. You only need to do 4 step :
  1. Build a search engine “spider trap” by creating a free blog on blogger , or wordpress.
  2. Grab a free account at and
  3. Post links to the Web pages you want spidered inside your blog.
  4. Then, sending ping the blog to your MyYahoo and MSN accounts.
You do this by using a ping command: inside your web browser.Be sure to also use the “Add RSS” feed link inside your MyYahoo and MSN accounts.
3. Links from social bookmarking sites using the “Tag and ping”technique. Social bookmarking is great to make a link , just join any social bookmarking that you love , make friend as much as possible and send your post to that site Some best social networking site :
  • etc

4. Link Webs Directories, FFAs, and classified ad sites.
On the internet, there are 2 main ways people find you ( if they don’t know you).
The biggest one is search engines. But, the other one is directories.
There are a variety of directories, including: If you are looking great webs directories you can start from and Or if you want to find another directories just do a search on Google for phrases like, “Add link”,”Suggest link” and other variations or simply “directories”.
Directories vary in how much traffic they produce, depending on the popularity. But, many of them offer high-quality links and the big ones can produce significant amounts of traffic. My huge collection directories link web
5. Raw Link Traffic Source – Forums If you are website / blog owner you may have join a forum , to discuss topics about theme on your site , forum are central place where you are able to reach a large majority of your market place, you can use some tips when you want to create a link in a forum.

  • Ask general questions
  • Recommend useful free resources you’re not affiliated with
  • Give tips related to what you offer

The goal here is to be sincere with wanting to help others. You want your links to stay up for a long time so they can be found by search engines. If you just promote your product, then your posts will often be quickly removed. So, don’t SPAM forums with ads! However, you’re allowed to give your business information in what are called, “Signatures”. A signature is like a resource box that goes after your name. Here you can link to your website and tell the reader why they should visit. Don’t forget to use “Anchor text” inside, such as having the link to your website say, “Handphone”.

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