Increase the quality of you blog | Blogging strategy

Increase the quality of you blog | Blogging strategy

Blogging Strategy | Do you have a plan for your blog ?


After millions of blog appear on the world, can you still use your old plan to stay dominant in the blogosphere? Or even worst, you don’t have any plan, any strategy for your blog yet. Believe me in the next one or two years, only blog with good plan will still on the blogosphere, others will appear as common blog (LOSSER).

About create a plan/strategy.

If you are serious to blogging, then you need to create your own plan for your blog. By having a good plan, you will know what you need to do next. And believe me your blog with good plan will stand out from million of blog out there. I don’t joke here, almost all blogger don’t have any plan for their blogs, they only know how to post, post and post, never think the future for their blog.

How to create good plan for your blog:

Actually, every blogger need to create their own plan, but if you don’t know how or where to start then read tips bellow:

1. Write your entire plan on the paper, make sure you can see them every day so you will never forget your plan.

2. Think five or more target for your blog in the next one month, one year, five year and ten year. Your target can be: visitor, feed reader, twitter follower, total post, advertiser, and others

3. Visit your fellow blog and see how they can increase their blog quality, follow them.

4. Target alexa rank for your blog every week.

Actually there are lots of strategies / plan you can use for your blog such as target your blog page rank for next year, target your blog traffic for next month, etc. But the most important thing is “After create good plan for your blog then make sure you follow the plan “


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