Interview with Michael Kwan – professional freelance writing service

Interview with Michael Kwan – professional freelance writing service

You may learn something from the best professional freelance writer


I bet you must found lot of wrong grammar on my blog, this is normal because I am not a guy with good writing and grammar skill ….lol but I know a guy is. Michael Kwan is the guy we will talk about in this post. Based on my experience as his blog reader, I found so much useful tips about grammar (hope you can see my writing skill has improved ….lol). I try to contact him to ask an interview and luckily I succeed.

Who is Michael Kwan?

One of the best paid writer that I ever know, I am still amaze with all post on his blog and john chow blog. I think john chow know how to choose a writer for his thousands / day visitor blog. So, no doubt that Michael Kwan is really a GUY that own excellent writing skills.

Things you need to know about Michael?

He is a paid writer so you can hire him to write a blog post for you. You can choose the topic, give him the main keyword / topic and he will do the rest.

Here are the questions I asked him about writing skill and how to improve it:

Me: Michael, what do you think about blogger with and without writing skill?

Michael: Many people will tell you that content is king when it comes to blogs and that is true. It is of paramount importance that, no matter the niche you choose that you provide your readers with value.

The content has to be interesting, informative, entertaining, or otherwise valuable to the reader. That much is clear. However, it is also very important that you maintain good grammar on your blog as well, because this speaks volumes regarding your legitimacy and your professionalism. If you have good information, but your posts are riddled with grammatical errors, readers will think less of you and they may not stick around.

Think about how you would react to typos in a newspaper or magazine. How would you feel if the writing in a book was no better than a five-year-old’s? The same can be said about bloggers.

Me: do you think writing skill is important?

Michael: The pen is mightier than the sword. Despite what you may hear elsewhere, words rule the world. It is through words that we pass laws, disseminate information, and change the world for the better. Politics is all about having good rhetoric and sales is all about being able to use your words in an effective manner, convincing potential customers that they should buy from you and not from the guy down the street. Yes, writing skill is important. If you are not confident in your writing abilities, it is well worth your investment to hire a professional to refine your thoughts for you.

Me: is there any connection between writing skill with SEO and traffic booster?

Michael: Unfortunately, Google doesn’t seem to really care if you have impeccable grammar or if you have a sloppy grasp of the English language. However, stronger writing will always rise to the top, because it will be of greater value to readers and website visitors. A site with bad grammar will have a much more difficult garnering the interest of others than one that is well-written and informative.

Me: do you think blogger need to learn more about writing skill, grammar or something like that to improve their blogging skill?

Michael: The single best way to improve your writing is to write as much as Possible. Practice goes a long way and the more you do it, the better you’ll be able to “hear” when your writing doesn’t quite sound right. It’s also important that you read as much as possible, ensuring that what you are reading is of good quality. If you only read other blogs with bad grammar, you will inevitably emulate their style. Read good blogs, good books, and professional papers. It is much better to follow their guidelines than those of amateurs.

Last question from me: how to find and hire you is there any topic you won’t to write about or you just accept all the order?

Michael: The easiest way to get in touch with me is via my website at From there, you’ll find a contact link where you can send me a message regarding your project and we can go from there. Alternatively, you can also find me on Twitter as @michaelkwan, though the contact form on my website will give you much more space than the 140 characters you are afforded through Twitter. In general, most of my writing online focuses on consumer electronics, technology, social media, and the Internet, though I have taken on a variety of other projects in other subject areas as well, including green living, asbestos cancer, human interest biographies, and Hollywood movies. If you’re not sure whether I can approach your topic, just send me a message via and we can go from there.

Honestly, I felt lucky can did this interview. No doubt that Michael blog has helped me so much to improve my blogging skill especially my writing and grammar.

Click link bellow to contact Michael… sure you will get something more than what you think

Professional freelance writer – Michael Kwan

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