Learn more about your traffic source and how to improve it – part one

Learn more about your traffic source and how to improve it – part one

Where is your traffic come from and how about the quality?


Traffic, traffic and traffic, again this is the most phenomenal stuff for all blogger. Every single blogger from new blogger to expert need traffic. Some of people say that traffic the hardest thing to deal with, what do you think? Honestly I have the same thought with this guy when I started my blog for the first time but now, not anymore.

There is lot of traffic source and every one of them has their one function

Well, I bet you heard about social networking, Search engine, blogwalking and forum. They are great traffic source right? But I wonder you realize or not, every single of them has different quality. Here is the information for traffic source based from my own experience with them:

  • Search engine: no doubt, search engine is the most “pretty “traffic source. The traffic which comes from search engine is great. It’s suitable for anything such as make money and boosts your alexa rank. Search engine traffic (usually Google) is a dream for everyone, by rank one at Google search result on your own keyword wills enough to make you rich and famous.
  • Social networking: twitter, facebook, plurk, etc. every blogger must join one of them right? Social networking has become so powerful in this day. There are so many new network counts on social networking like twitter to build their make money company. Honestly I still don’t have a nice result from social networking but based from what I heard, traffic which come from social networking is pretty damn great. it’s also suitable for everything such as increase your royal reader , promote your product and everything you want
  • Blogwalking: blogwalking is visiting other relevant blog s and leave some comment on the post. I love to do that every day when I have enough time and sure you too. By leave comment on other blog, you can make traffic from the author, from their royal reader and even from their new reader (tell me, what could be better than this). Based from what I know, if you want to increase your royal reader who’s come from similar or relevant keyword, blogwalking is a nice way to start it.
  • Forum:  big from like kaskus and warrior forum is a totally great place to make traffic. Sure you can also increase your royal reader from forum.
  • Social bookmarking: three years ago, social bookmarking is a good place to make traffic but now, not anymore. since Google has update their new rules about relevant link , social bookmarking has become a dead place , if you have your blog link putted on social networking then you will not get any ” point ” from Google anymore ,  you can’t increase your seo using this way anymore. So I don’t think social networking is good way to make traffic, not anymore.

How to increase or optimize every single of the traffic source

Well, I will provide more information about this in my next post. I always want to keep my post not to long so my reader will not get bored to read every single post of mine.just wait for the second part of ” learn more about your traffic source and how to improve it “

I am sure there are lots of traffic source I have missed on this post and it will be great if my great reader like you can add it on this post by leave your valuable comment bellow.

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