My monthly report – EarningStep dot com august report

My monthly report – EarningStep dot com august report

I decided to post this blog statistic for august 2009

Well, this blog has started six month ago and I was never post this blog statistic since its start. Today I will try to post earningstep dot com statistic for this month ( august 2009 ).

Before I share my blog statistic to all my reader , I have a little note to say ” I am really enjoying blogging using make money and blogging tips as keywords , even I know both of the keyword is a very popular keyword and sure not easy to be the one on that keyword . I try to share my own tips based on my experience , hope you enjoy reading my blog “

EarningStep dot com traffic statistic  ( This is the statistic I got from awstats )

The fact about this traffic report :

  1. I found that everything was normal in the first and second week , i got more than 300+ unique visitor everyday and more than 1.500+ pageviews
  2. Suddenly the best thing happen and it increase my unique visitor and page view as well , it look like my seo experiment has succeed

EarningStep Earning Report for august 2009

  • Pay per click = Google adsense + kontera $68.25 ( not too good )
  • Affiliate program = $ 127.69 ( not too bad )
  • Sponsored post and banner =  $ 275 ( not bad )

Note : this earning report is only for money that I made from this blog , not include paid to click program which I make more than $700 every month ( this is my first making money program and I have more than 500 referral and buy more than 700 referral every month ) and other making money program such as sponsored tweet , etc .

The most important is : make money online is not my first purpose but make relationship with other blogger is.

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