Optimize your own blog style – increase your blog quality instantly part three

Optimize your own blog style – increase your blog quality instantly part three

Have you optimize your own blog style to blog better ?


No doubt, if you want to be a real blogger then you need to have your own style. I bet you know johnchow, shoemoney, Darren and other great blogger. Spend your time a while and visit their blog, you can clearly see that every of them have their own style, right?

So here is the deal, if you want to climb to the top of blogosphere then you must have a unique and origin style. Then what is included in the world of “style “? Well style is everything for blogger who know the blogging secret; they know how important the list bellows:

  1. Blog themes: everyone knows how important blog themes are, but not much of them know how to choose it. Based on what I know, blog themes will be your blog future. People will see your themes for the first time and then read your article, I bet you too right? You will give more love to people who have a nice themes + nice content. so now you now you know how important blog themes for a blogger right or you want to read my tips about how to choose a blog themes
  2. Blog logo: never tell me that you are a complete blogger if you don’t have a blog logo on you blog, blog logo is your identity as a blogger. I found myself is easier to remember my favorite blog logo then their URL…lol. So choose a nice logo , create unique one that describe your blog theme and you are ready to go to the next level.
  3. Blog color : some of people just follow the color come from the themes that there are using. This is false . here is the true , let say there are one million themes in this world and a hundred million bloggers, then if you are using the default color comes from the theme , you blog will look the same with another hundreds of blog  , right ? so you need to choose your own blog color  or you need my advice about how to choose blog color for your blog
  4. Font style and color : I have no advice about this , based from what I know . use standard font style like verdana ,Tahoma and Arial is the best , and use black / dark grey seem still the best color for font.

The conclusion here is : you need to have your own style and combine it to your blog , if you do it well then your blog will stay in front of millions of other blog that don’t have a style. Great isn’t it ?

Please note that : you need to change your blog style once a year to keep it fresh . You can chance just one part or all part to optimize your blog style. Don’t forget to subscribe as my reader, I will have a nice secret to tell you more.

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