Organic SEO | One of Most important traffic factors

Organic SEO | One of Most important traffic factors

Organic SEO | Learn how to deal with SEO and Increase it !


The next step of traffic important factor is ORGANIC SEO, what is ORGANIC SEO? This is key point to increase your blog search engine optimization. as you know search engine are getting cleverer all the time , they getting better to recognize low quality website and ranking them poorly , so build high quality websites and contain useful + Rich content that people want to link to.

You must heard SEO before and know how SEO can became so powerful factor to your blog traffic , There are ton tips about how to deal with SEO that you can find  with search engine and scare you out , but believe me after you read key point bellow you will change your mind about SEO.

Actually the basic of search engine optimization are very simple, here is the key point of SEO:


  • You need to make it easy for a search engine to figure out the topic of your page.
  • Find appropriate keywords or key phrases and use them in the title, in the page heading, in the introduction, throughout the article, in the Meta description, in alt tags, at the end of the article, in links on the page, in bold or italics, and perhaps in a list on the page.
  • Use key phrases in your file names, for example: keyword1-keyword2.html.
  • Use synonyms and word variations naturally throughout the page.
  • When linking to your pages, use appropriate keywords in the anchor text (the words people click on). Do this for links throughout your site, and also on other people’s sites which link to yours. Vary the anchor text.
  • For internal links, it’s better to use text than graphical links. But remember to not have all text in your blog because people will confuse and easy to get bored , combine text with picture is the best
  • Create a logical navigation system so that humans and search engines can easily find the content on your site.
  • Get links from other sites to internal pages as well as to your main page. To maximal this you must create useful content that provide information and great topic so people will love and link to your site

This is key point of SEO,  you can grow every key point and make your blog SEO stronger and better.

What’s NEXT ? next we will talk about Site directories and how to maximize the function of site directories


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