Target Tips | Target Your Traffic

Target Tips | Target Your Traffic

How to target your Traffic ?


Traffic , every website owner loved it , try to get as much as possible traffic to their website what else you need if you have created a great website/ blog , post a great , unique and useful content at your blog , have a great earning program , have a product to sell , you are adsense publisher or even you just looking for referral yor making money program, of course you need TRAFFIC .
Traffic means visitor, and I mean Quality visitor. Not just only pass visitor (visitor that only visit your site/ blog for 3 second) Quality visitor mean a lot for me, and everyone. quality visitor here is a visitor that visit at least 5 page in your website , will revisit your website again , bookmark your website , share your post in their social network site (and say your blog are great to their friend) , and the most important is quality visitor will tell their friend about your great blog.
So if you have now what is quality visitor is how you can find them or HOW THEY CAN FIND YOUR WEBSITE / BLOG. What will you choose, find a thousand visitor, or they find you first. I choose the second option but I must do the first option to make sure the second option happen. I will tell you the target to make sure you get quality traffic, don’t worry, it’s only two targets:
The main benefits of these links are for generating a massive amount of quality backlinks for improved search engine rankings of your website or blog. And this includes: web directories, blog comments that you make at other people blog (with your link), link from the blog and ping, Forums post (with your link as signature), Links from website’s guestbook.
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These sources are proven ways To generate large amounts of backlinks and lots of targeted traffic. This target include: online press release, articles that you post at social networking site If you focus to target, I guarantee you will get enough backlink and visitor to your website, and increase your website rank at search engine and alexa rank. So why LINK is so important, here I will tell you, you site need link to breath, just like you need air to breath.
Link will make your website rank increase not only at alexa, but at search engine result. If you want any chance of getting large amounts of free search engine traffic, then you need lots of links. Although you can get some search engine traffic without many incoming links, you’re never going to get ranked for highly-searched competitive keywords.
Together with what the links say (also known as “anchor text”) pointing to your website accounts for about 99% of what determines how high you rank in the search engines. For example, if you have 1500 quality links pointing to your site that say, “Handphone”, then you’re going to be ranked highly for this term. The key to search engine success is not complicated. It’s all about getting Links links, and more links.
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