The hidden secret of SEO you need to know – Basic SEO tips

The hidden secret of SEO you need to know – Basic SEO tips

Basic SEO tips – this is part one of my hidden secret of seo


Okay, SEO is not a secret anymore, at least on my blog because I am about telling you everything I know about SEO. Usually I saved this secret for myself  but finally I decided to announce all my hidden secret of SEO to all my royal reader and all just for one reason , that’s because I love to share and I think I have achieved success when all my reader get their success.

Let me start with creating article / post – hidden secret of seo (the basic)

Creating seo friendly article is a must know knowledge if you are a new blogger. I dare to say that you will achieve at least half of success if you really know how to create seo friendly article. Here is what I know if you want to have a seo friendly article:

  • Use normal and easy to understand word on sentence: I know all of us love to use “slank “word on article. This will make the article look cool and funny (sometimes) but the article is not only for human, it’s for Google (search engine) too. So please ….. Don’t use slank word, reduce them if you can. Google will love your article and give more rank to you.

My tips: use easy to understand word on sentence, if you love to use slank word at the past, reduce it may help your blog rank better on search engine eyes

  • Repeat the keyword normally: I believe you already know this tips. Almost all seo blog told you to repeat your keyword on article and you will get more attention from Google. I believe this is a right tips but please don’t repeat the keyword too much.

My tips: you can repeat the keyword three to five times on a short article and repeat more than five but not more than ten (more than ten is insane). the reason of why repeat the keyword is good for seo is because Google will looking for more specific article if people try to find something using a keyword and an article with repeating keyword will be the answer

  • Copycat won’t get anything (believe me): Google is like a teacher, Google know all article that publish everyday and memorized them. If you copy other article, Google will reduce your rank. Make sense right?

My tips: I know looking for a new article is hard, especially now. When you have something in your mind and want to share it on your blog, you might think whether this topic has been discussed or not. Here I will tell you something, forget to always consider it. Just write something you want to write with your own style. You can write everything you love as long as it is still in your topic area.

  • Connecting the article like a strong chain: I know this is new for you, but do you know by connecting article from one to other will make you get more page view and good SEO at the same time. Try this by your own and correct me if I am wrong.

My tips: use SEO smart link to connect your entire article based on keyword you like

Conclusion:  Good SEO come from a seo friendly article, make sure you have optimize your entire article or at least more careful if you want to create a new article for your blog.

I am not finish with Hidden secret of SEO, I will post more interesting Hidden secret of SEO tips that you probably never read or know about it.

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