The true fact and impact of Michael Jackson died on internet sphere

The true fact and impact of Michael Jackson died on internet sphere

This is the true fact and impact about Michael Jackson Bad news


Honestly I get shocked when I received the news about Michael died. I never imagine that Michael Jackson will leave us so fast. Actually I’m Michael Jackson fans I have four of his best seller album and my favorite is thriller which is the best album that ever make.

But we will not discuss about Michael Jackson history on this post because I will tell you the true fact here, the impact of Michael Jackson died to our internet world. This is the fact and impact of Michael Jackson died:

  1. Do you know that since Michael Jackson died, millions of people use Google to find any new information about Michael Jackson and This cause Google (the most powerful search engine) error for more than half hour?
  2. Michael Jackson keyword has become the most search keyword at all search engines in this few days.
  3. In just two days after the bad news, Michael Jackson keyword gets rank on Google trend.
  4. There are more than 70.000 tweets about Michael Jackson died created by twitter members in just one day after the bad news.
  5. Facebook as the biggest social networking site collapse for few our after their member share tons of update about Michael Jackson.

What a great impact huh? After read the facts above, do you realize something? If don’t then I will tell you that many of blogger didn’t realize that if they can always publish update news on their blog then they will drive tons of traffic to their blog. Make sense? Okay, the key on this post is: keep your eyes open for every news that related with your topic, make sure you are the first people that tell the world and the world will become yours.


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