Traffic factors | How to drive traffic from forums

Traffic factors | How to drive traffic from forums

Traffic Factors | Join Great forums and drive traffic from them

In my post before , I have give top 4 best traffic factors , and this time I will give more traffic factor which is ” How to boost traffic from forum ” . Forum is best place to start and find good niche for your blog , you can search forum site easily with Google using your keyword + forum , example : I have website about make money then to find forum about make money , I can easily type make money forum in Google search box , Very easy ! Join many forums will double or even triple your traffic , believe me . I have proof it before I post this article .

Here I got great tips to make traffic from forum site :

1.       Join only forums that already have big community or members : more members  in a forum means more chance to get visitor to your blog .

2.       Join only forums that talk about your keyword : this is make sense , example : if you have a blog with make money keyword , never join car forum or phone forum . Join forum that talk about your keyword will increase your chance to get your quality niche.

3.       Be professional member : be careful with all your post in forums you join  , by share your knowledge , your tips , information , answer people questions , give them tips ,and share news will boost your reputation . Higher reputation means more trust and means more traffic .

4.       Lurk and learn : don’t annoy forum moderator and forum members who have been there for years , be their friend will make your easier to acceptable by other member .

5.       See forum rules : some forum allow signature , some don’t . Fight with forum rules can make you get banned .

6.       Don’t spam or be spammers : there are no one love spam , include you and me . Spammer never get place in forums , but get banned.

7.       Be Friendly with each other : build your reputation by comment people post , and if give them best solution if you able to do it. People will remember you and visit your blog for more solution .

Conclusion: More forums you join + Right keyword = More quality niche or traffic

Okay I think you can be a great member on every forum you join. More forums you join mean more traffic you can drive. Be smart and friendly.


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