TRAFFIC FACTORS | Never failed traffic Builder

TRAFFIC FACTORS | Never failed traffic Builder

Blogger know why traffic is important! Find more traffic with these tips


Traffic always important for every blog or website owner, there is no use if you have spent your time, lot of money, all your energy to build a great web or blog but no traffic or visitor. Many blogger or website owner has spend lot of money to build professional site but stuck with traffic problem, why? I can say because more of them don’t know what the real traffic essential is. I have learn more than 3 years about how to make traffic flood to my blogs ( I have 3 blogs and this Earning step is my newest blog ) then finally I got a lot of true factors to make traffic . I will share all the factors with you in this blog step by step and Most of them require time, not money. And the most important is you need to take action and try some of the techniques you’re not using.

Factor number one is CONTENTS

That is why you always hear that content is the king, this is the most important things of all but many of bloggers ignore these factors.

The key here is :

  • You must provide LOTS of rich information, rich keyword, and useful content for the human and search engines to find and NEVER be a copycat (copy other people article). If you have lot of great contents then you already build very solid investment in your blog future. Spend your time to create full information that will solve people’s problem and they will love your blog.
  • Keep adding fresh, relevant and off course useful content: There are millions of blog out there and hundreds of them have the same keyword or relevant with your blog so I can say they are your enemy then how to become the one? By adding fresh, relevant and useful content in your blog, you have made your blog have better chances to found by visitor. the key here is add minimum 1 article per week ( more than 5 preferably)

Okay I have tell you top one most important factor to make traffic , in my next post I promise to write other great factor which are ” How to choose domain name or if you have choose not profitable domain name then how to deal with it and then how to maximal your domain name and make it more memorable “


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