Traffic splash | Not just ordinary traffic exchange

Traffic splash | Not just ordinary traffic exchange

More than Just usual Traffic exchange program .


It’s has been long time I don’t review anything about traffic exchange , I owe traffic exchange a lot , because this is my first step to promote my blog to the world , to tell people ” Hello people I have new blog here , visit it” , even I used traffic exchange to FORCE people visit my blog . actually Traffic exchange is very great program , if you have a new blog and need instant traffic then you can use traffic exchange and guarantee you will get instant traffic even in the day you sign up , Is that great ! okay now I will review about traffic splash ( This is more than ordinary traffic exchange )

What is traffic splash ?

If you want to make traffic with traffic exchange then you will get it from this site even this site give you more . this site has a great program call ” Super surf” where Super Surfers can win $100 in prizes weekly ( super surfers is top ten surfers )

How Traffic splash work ?

Traffic splash is traffic exchange site , so you will get credit for every site you visit and you can assign credit to your site  ( change credit to traffic ) . so clearly the key here is if you visit lot of site using traffic splash then you will get more credit and finally you can change credit with traffic to your site.

Traffic splash work method :

More visit/Surf = More credit = More visitor to your site + bonus change for get money

Other way to use credits and make traffic :

You can change credits you get from surf with banner credit and text link credits

Banner credit : by change your credit to banner credit You are allow to put your banner in this site

Text link credit : By change your credit to text link credit you are allow to put your link ( anchor text) in this site

This is instant bonus from surf in this site :


Great offer from traffic splash :

Now traffic splash have a great offer  for their member ,and here is the offer :

THE DAILY DOLLAR DASH IS ON! HUGE Referral Contest With Thousands Of Dollars Up For Grabs. Grab yourself $1 per active referral and possibly even double it! Plus Lucky Referrers win $5 each and every day and many Surprise Prizes too!

Join now and make traffic + money at the same time !


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  • I have been meaning to post something like this on my website and this has given me an idea. Thank you.

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  • i’m adding your blog rss feed so that i can see your new posts. keep up the good work!

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