Which are the most valuable backlink and the easiest way to get it

Which are the most valuable backlink and the easiest way to get it

backlink | the key to increase your search engine traffic


What is backlink and why they are looking for it ?
Backlink is a link to your site from others people site.

I think all blogger in this world know how important of backlink can increase their search engine rank. they do everything to get backlink from other site such as create useful content , link exchange and even lot of them buy link from high pagerank blog.

This is what you will get from valuable backlink :

  1. Increase your own pagerank
  2. Better search engine rank
  3. More traffic
  4. More trust and respect from visitor
  5. More easier to join any make money program
  6. lot of others benefit that you will find it by yourself soon after you have lot of valuable backlink pointing to you.

Do follow and no follow link.

I found that there is two kind of backlink :

1. backlink from do follow blog : this is really valuable backlink because Google count this kind of link and use it as a key to explain your page quality in their search engine system . This means more do follow link to your blog = higher position on search engine.

2. Backlink from no follow blog : Backlink from no follow blog is not count by Google . You can only get traffic from this link.

So all you need to remember is focus to get do follow link , that’s it.

What is the easiest way to get backlink from do follow blog/site ?

Actually there is several ways to get link from do follow blog and this is the easiest one.

  • The first step is you need to know which blog or site that use do follow system , you don’t need  any tool to check it because all you need is a right click on a blog, choose show page source and find what kind of link that they use in their blog.
  • Bookmark every blog that use do follow system.
  • Comment on their blog every day with your blog link as your signature ( but forget about spamming).
  • Wait until Google crawl it and see your rank will increase in their system.

If you read my blog every day, I promise you will find another great way to get more valuable backlink for your blog.

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