Why you need more page view on your blog – make money secret tips

Why you need more page view on your blog – make money secret tips

More page view means more money, agree?


When you visit your stat counter account such as Google analytics, going up, stat counter, etc. You can see that they have provided unique visitor counter, page views feature and others. Do you realize why almost all of them provide page view counter for their member? If you don’t know the answer then read this post will help you to find it.

First, I got Simple question here:

  1. Why blogger need more page view on their blog?
  2. Is there any connection between page views and make money online from blog?

The answer for second is really simple, as simple as say YES. So how about the first question, find out bellow!

This is the fact about getting more page view from your visitor:

Fact number One: More page view means more chance to make money

Not much people realize this, if they can make people read more post on their blog then they can have more chance to make more money online from their blog. I have experimented with almost all make money program and result was surprised me, I make more money from post that have more page view. Such as: more money from adsense, more money refers people and more money from affiliate.

This is the most important fact, more page view = more chance to hit the dollars

Note : some of make money program offer pay per impression and sure you will make more money from programs like this

Fact number two: more page view can make you have more comment from visitor.

This is really making sense, you will have more comment from 10.000 visitors than from 10 visitors and more comments means your post has more quality.

Fact number three : more page view = more trust.

I don’t need to explain anything here, if people read more your post then they will trust you more.

Fact number four : increase your alexa rank ( mail me if you can prove this is wrong statement )

I heard about this when I did some blog walking , I couldn’t remember the blog but the owner said that by having lot of page view will increase your alexa rank. I couldn’t believe this for the first time but when I looked at my alexa rank , I believed it.

Page view is very important for blog ,it doesn’t mean anything if you create tons of magnificent post without any one read it. if you can hold you reader to stay more long time on your blog then you has pass at least a half way to success.

Well, in my next post I will share my tips about how to increase page view on your blog without spend anything.

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