Blog for Money or Money for blog | Which are you ?

Blog for Money or Money for blog | Which are you ?

Blogging tips | Blog for money or Money for blog


When you decided to be a blogger and create new blog, then you will face with three options for your future. The first one is: you want to blog for money, this means you will do anything with your blog in order to make money with it. The second option is: Money for blog, this means you will spend lot of money in order to make your blog perfect. The last one is: You will not choose both of them because you want to blog for people and yourself.

If I ask you those options, what option you will choose? First, second or the third one. If you have chosen one of them then read my review bellow and you will know whether your choice is the best one.

Option one: Blog for money.

You choose this one? This is bad choice, and you will never be successful blogger if you choose this option, why? The answer is very simple, if you blog for money then you will focus for “Money “not for your blog, visitor and your self. Not only me say this , Read what john chow say  in his new post ” Stop trying to make money online ” and you will understand why .

Option Two: Money for Blog.

If you choose this one, then you are the same with people that choose the first option. I understand that usually new blogger ” a little hasty ” want to create professional blog that full with feature , so they think need to spend money for buying script , buying traffic , buying tools for their blog. Most of this guy never thinks that almost all great stuff for their blog, they can get for free by searching on internet itself. So the conclusion here is People who choose this option will buy for nothing but lost their money from something that actually they can get for free.

If you are new blogger or existing blogger that choose options bellow, then stop a while, and read the second option, your key of success.

Option three: I blog for People and Myself.

Many of successful blogger choose this option ( include me ). We blog because we love to blog, we love people and we love ourself. People, who choose this option will give the best for their reader, will not spend money for garbage. Believe me, if you blog with this option you will receive something that you will never imagine before.


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