How to create a membership site using wordpress – part one

How to create a membership site using wordpress – part one

Create a membership site in one day – here is how it done


At my latest post , I have told people about my new online store call ” ” . If you have visited the site , sure you can see that is a simple online store that using membership system to make money .

Here is what I made for a week with

Why I call supersatelittv is a simple online store that using membership system, here is the map:

  1. First I have a product to sell and I put them on the download page
  2. I promote the site / product
  3. People coming and love to see what I am offering them
  4. People interest , then register to my site and send me the membership fee
  5. I check the money and activate their account so they can running to download page and download the product.

So that simple right? The great things if now I will tell you how I turn my “wordpress blogging skill “and create such of membership site in just one day.

Here is what I did last week – Prepare, start and finish

What you need to know before create a membership site is the product you want to sell; you must have a great one. It can be software, eBook, black hat tips, or anything that CAN BE UPDATE AND VERY INTERESTING. If you are asking the bold word “why I must have a product that can be update and very interesting? “That’s simple, people want to sign up if you have an interesting product and they want to pay you and be a member if the product is always updated. So that’s clear, have a product is the first step.

The next step – Find a good domain and hosting

After you have a product, you can start looking a good domain name. Try to choose a simple domain that contain the product keyword (I know choosing domain is your daily meal). Don’t forget to buy a good hosting, hostgator and masterweb is good one.

The landing page – your success start here

Sure now you have enough item to start your online store right? now the most important thing that can make sure you success or not is the landing page , I know you have read tons of eBook that telling how to create a good landing page , now it’s your time to put it on your own site.

Note: remember, landing page is really important, this is the first page where people come and see your online store.

After a landing page created , you can continue with creating another page such as : FAQ , Contact us , about us , testimonial , others.

Now is the last step – find a good plugin to build the membership system.

Honestly I really want to finish the post , but I think it will be great if I give you some time to start all tips in this page. I promise will post the last step in my next post.  How to create a membership site using wordpress – part two

Note : please remember that you can win one supersatelittv free membership and off course free access to more than 3000 TV channel from 78 countries all over the world . Plus access to more than 50 adult channel , oh yeah I love the last one….lol. all you need to do is give your best comment every time you left it on this blog for this month.

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