How to create your own referral Banner picture or logo

How to create your own referral Banner picture or logo

Referral | Key of making money program and increase earning

Many of us know referral is the key in our making money program. Every one include me want to referral as much as possible to increase our earning. Example: the key to make big money with paid to click program like neobux, clixsense is referral, and you can’t make big money if you work alone, never and never.

The great news is many of making money site offers us to make more money by referring people and they have create referral banner html code for us, so the only thing we need to do is just copy the html code and paste to where ever we like and waiting for other people click and be our referral. But there are several site don’t provide their member referral banner  , they just give us referral link , such as : utm_source=affiliate% 2Bbadges&utm_medium=badge , if you post this link and hope can get referral from only a link then you must be dreaming , if you found a site that don’t have or don’t provide referral banner then you must create your own .Now I will teach you the easiest way to create your own referral banner, picture or logo and put your referral link inside.

Create referral banner using Microsoft Paint

Why Microsoft paint, because almost single of us using windows and have Microsoft paint program, I can tell you paint is the most simple and easy to use software to edit a picture.

This is how to create a banner using Microsoft program:

1.       First you must find a picture such as logo or website name to use as referral banner. Example : you want to make your own referral banner that linked to your payperpost referral link ( this is only example , payperpost provide them own referral banner ) 2.       Open the site where you want to create your referral banner , in here is , then use ” PRINTSCREEN” Button on your keyboard to catch what’s show on the screen and then open your Microsoft paint to paste the picture Example: 3.        then use ” Select tool ” in paint to select the logo ( we want to use payperpost logo as referral picture)  and then ” cut” the logo using edit – cut command 4.       Then use file – new command to open new paint page ( if paint ask you for save choose no ) then paste the payperpost logo on new paint page 5.       Now you can save the logo and use if for your referral banner / picture

How to combine the picture I created with my referral link? You can use the picture and combine with your referral link in two ways, the first one is if you use wordpress or blogger and want to post the picture with referral link in your own blog then you can upload the picture and paste your referral link in the picture option, and BANG! You have a custom made picture / banner with your own referral link. But how to deal if you want to post a custom made picture/logo/ banner (with your own referral link off course) in forum, social networking or everywhere. If you want to do that then you need “web where you can Upload picture” the best and recommended by me is photobucket (because very easy to use and FREE).

This is how to upload and create your referral banner step by step using photobucket:

1.       Create your free account at photobucket for free, and then upload your picture.

2.       After finish upload the picture , you can grab the code , there are several code here ( Look at the picture bellow ) choose code that pointing by red arrow


3.       Paste the code at notepad ( so you can save and use the code whenever you want ) , here is the code example :

<a href=” ownreferralbanner3.jpg” target=”_blank“><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

4.       Then replace the html code/your picture link ( in red color ) with your referral link

The result after replace with your own referral link is look like this :

<a href=” 2Bbadges&utm_medium=badge“><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

5.       Finish , then you can post the code wherever you like , such as forum , social networking site , etc
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