How Valuable a domain will be – flipping domain to make money

How Valuable a domain will be – flipping domain to make money

Flipping domain to make money online – knowing the fact


Do you ever heard about flipping domain yet? Or know that domain can make you rich in a very short time? Yeah, I said that for true. Read the fact about make money by flipping domain in this post and you will know what you have missed until today.

First you must know the fact, how valuable a domain is (see data bellow):

  1. sold for $5,100,000
  2. sold for $3,000,000
  3. sold for $1,760,000
  4. sold for $1,700,000
  5. sold for $1,525,000
  6. sold for $1,500,000
  7. sold for $1,100,000
  8. sold for $1,020,000
  9. sold for $770,000
  10. sold for $675,000

Flipping domain – knowing the basic

Flipping domain is about buy and selling domain. The entire process is you buy / collect unique domain name, build the domain to get better stats and then sell it for more money. Many people believe that this is the fastest way to make huge money online. They buy domain for $10 and then sell it up to $1,000 (I wonder what could be better than this).

The truth is: I am not the best in this program but one of my friends is. He can make more than $500 every week just by flipping the domain. Sure you wanna know how he does it, don’t worry I have did some great interview with him and this is what he said:

Me: Hi buddy, how are you, doing great?

Flipping man: yeah, off course .I am doing great, how about you

Me: not really good buddy, not better than you lol.

Flipping man: please man…. You are joking here …lol

Me: So, how about your online job, you know what I am talking about right, it’s flipping domain.

Flipping man: just sold a new domain for $350.

Me: what do you mean “new “?

Flipping man: you know me man. I never hold a domain more than 3 month. Most of my domain sold in 1-2 month.

Me: what the heck how did you do that?

Flipping man: you want a faster or slower way ….lol

Me: off course faster, my reader will prefer a faster way to rich…lol

Flipping man: that’s simple; the trick is….bla…bla…bla…bla…

So what do you think from the conversation above, wanna know what he told me…. What is bla…bla…..bla…bla…?

Here is what he told me and want me to tell you all

Flipping a domain is simple job. You need three steps to make money here:

1.       Buy a domain name, your instinct required here. Try to figure what domain will popular at the future or you probably can try searching the trend stuff at Google and buy it as a domain name. The easiest way is go to godaddy or other site that sold domain, try the keyword you want to buy then buy them.

2.       The second way is very important, once you have own the domain. You need to have a hosting (you can choose free one, but I recommend you to have a good hosting). Why you must have a hosting? The answer is: hosting is your domain home, a place where you can grow your domain, a place where you can build better stats for your domain, a place where you can build a site for your domain.

3.       Build your domain is nearly equal with build your blog. Optimize your new domain just like you always do with your blog. Once you already got better stats, you can sell it on forum like: sedo, digital point, etc.

The key: you will get double point if you can show your prospective buyers that your domain is already starting to make money for you (the will really love that) or another double point if the domain got tons backlink from high page rank site.

The conclusion: so what do you think about flipping domain? Great way to make money huh? Remember flipping domain is not the same with flipping site. Let me tell you the different between then in my next post. Agree?

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