The best way to leave comment on other blog – increase traffic tips

The best way to leave comment on other blog – increase traffic tips

When Leave comment means traffic

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After my previous post about how to drive traffic from other blog ( make sure you read it before)  we will still talking about drive traffic from other blog and this time you will learn how to optimize your comment on other blog and drive traffic with it.

Talking about comment, did you ever think the benefits you can have from your comment? Most of people never thought about this but I’m sure this post will change your mind about how important comment can make your blogging level even higher than now.

The benefits of powerful comment.

First I will tell you the benefit of your comment on other blog:

  1. Traffic, this is what are you looking for, right? You will get this soon.
  2. Relationship, friendship, group or something likes that.
  3. Back link to increase your SEO (if you leave comment on do follow blog)
  4. Tell people about your last post on your blog (if you leave comment on blog with comment luv feature)
  5. Top commentator link from blog that reward their royal reader
  6. 7.8.9 much…much more

See how powerful your comment is. So read carefully how to optimize your comment to make sure you get all benefit above.

This is all you need to do:

  • Give your comment based on the topic. Tell other readers your opinion about the post.
  • Give more tips, review and example case based on the post topic (but only if you able to do this)
  • Sometimes you need to leave a “disagree comment” to attract other reader with your comment (even you agree with the author)
  • Make sure you are first commentator (at least top five) or last commentator. Plus point if you can be top commentators
  • Reply other comment with your own opinion (make other reader know that you are better than other)
  • A Long comment will look more professional than something like: nice post, keep posting, thank for sharing and other spam like comment
  • Tell other reader that you have related post on your blog (if you really do have) or you can promise them that you will write your own review about the topic on your blog

Well, try killer tips above and contact me if you failed with that tips.

This tip is created based on my own experience which 25% of my blog traffic comes from other blog.

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