Blogging tips | copycat has no place on blogosphere

Blogging tips | copycat has no place on blogosphere

Do you hate copycat? I know you do


When people ask me, do you hate copycat? No doubt my answer is 100% YES. Not because of they use my article without any permission from me but I hate them for being a weak blogger ( actually , in my mind copycat is not a blogger at all , they are Nothing and unused things on blogosphere ) .

Blogger in this time

Copycat in this day has become more and more, many of good blogger (which are my reader too) mail me, they say “Hey I have become a victim here, why I can find my article on other blog, they are not asking my permission to post the article ” they also ask my help to prevent copycat steal on their blog . If you are one of blogger whose hate copycat then need read this article.

I have reviewed about copycat in my older post, in my older post I say that I hate them just like you do. The question now is how to prevent copycat? Actually I have reviewed a good site which can help you to fight against them. (Read “how to use copyscape To against copycat “).

I understand that we can 100% protect our site from copycat but at least we have try our best.

So , do you say copycat is the winner ?

Believe me that copycat is loser , laziest person of the world and they are nothing on blogosphere. Just imagine , they even don’t know how to write a post, so they can never be a winner.

As your fellow on blogosphere I understand your filling as a victim, but believe me one more time , time will prove anything. Good will become great and bad will become worst

What I need to do ?

If you already do your best to prevent them ( here I will give you the link one more time, read “ how to use copyscape To against copycat) , then you are done with your job. Keep blogging as your daily activity and forget about them.

Remember : blogger job is blogging


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