Blogging tips| I’m blogger, I proud of myself and you should too

Blogging tips| I’m blogger, I proud of myself and you should too

Blogging tips| I proud of myself as a blogger, do you?


if you are blogger then you should proud of yourself  ( just like me) even you “still” haven’t make money with your blog yet .Not everyone in the world can have a blog like you and the most thing to remember is Blog not always identical with money , not every blogger blogging to make money with their blog . There are lot them that blog for fun, love to sharing, give new idea to their fellows, and for hobbies.

Blogger in this time

I have seen lot of different between blogger at the past and now.  Blogger become smarter and smarter every single day. You can easily find sixteen years teen have a nice looking blog with unique content and make money with their blog. I have lot of reader that still very young but have high page rank blog plus great feature on their blog.

This means young generation smarter than us!

I don’t agree with this statement, I think everyone has the same change to success with their blog. All blogger need is keep trying, never give up, find new idea and I believe your chance will come. Do you know why million of blogger failed? if you don’t , here I tell you, they failed not because stupid or something but they don’t like to try something new , they always stick to old rule which make them stay behind blogger that dare to try something new.

Hey blogger wake up now! Your time has come.

World of blogging is about to change soon, get ready for anything that can happen in the next hour. Prepare yourself for another million of new blogger that will born tomorrow. Keep your eyes open for something new at blogosphere. Wake up yourself, I believe you will survive, even get better and finally you will proud of yourself (this is the most important thing, right?)

Remember: your blog future is in your hand not mine.


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